March Madness

If you think this post is about basketball you are very much mistaken.   If you know me at all (or have read any of these boring blog posts), you know that I am not a sports person.  Know zip about football, soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball...well you get the idea.  The only time I've "sorta kinda" watched any March madness was the March after my son was born.  My mother's alma mater, Bucknell University, had actually made it in and my parents had to watch a game at our house as their cable network did not carry the game and we had the proper (obscure) channel. My best memory about that madness is that all three of the most important men in my life were lined up on the sofa dressed in their Bucknell colors (Blue and Orange).  I have a photo of my dad, my son and my husband all sitting there watching the game.  (Well my son, who was only 7 months old at the time was watching my dad, but...)

When I speak of March madness, I'm speaking of everything thus far today that has made me mad.  I'm just having one of those days!  Let's just consider this:

  •  I had a runny nose on Friday and took some cold medication on Friday and Saturday. Felt pretty good on Sunday and Monday.  Yesterday it came back...slowly.  So slowly that I thought I could forgo buying any more cold medication and when I went to the pharmacy I just purchased vitamins to help boost my immune system.  After spending yesterday continually wiping and blowing my nose, I had to go BACK to the pharmacy this morning and pick up some more over the counter medication to keep me from misery.  
  • It's freezing outside again.  After not having to wear much in the way of a coat, today I'm back in my filthy blue parka and my lined boots.  My feet are still cold so I've had to turn the heater under my desk back on again. I'm back to turtlenecks and heavy sweaters Friday is the first day of spring and we're supposed to get snow???  Maybe up to 3 inches?  Are you kidding me???  
  • My smart phone decided to randomly turn off this morning.  It was fully charged.  I tried turning it on, but nothing happened.  Eventually my husband got it back on, but this is the second time this has happened to me. And I’m not ready to spend more money (which I don't have) on a new phone when I've only had this one for 2 years. (I happen to be one of those people that think items should be made to last; like cars, phones, and electronics.)
  • No matter how hard I tried, my hair wouldn't cooperate with me this morning.  I fussed and fiddled with it for a good ten minutes and ended up in desperation with a cruddy pony tail.  And my hair's not long enough for pony tail so I have little bits of hair sticking out all over the place.  
  • Forget any make up; with all the stupid time I spent on my hair, who had time?  Never mind the fact that with the constant nose blow and wiping, any foundation or lipstick I had on comes right off.
  • All my bananas ripened (actually over ripened) at the same time.  Banana splits may be yummy, but a split banana is a pain in the you know what, especially when you throw it in a bag and bring it to work.  A very messy situation which was not helped by the fact that I poured the wrong creamer into my coffee this morning.  And since I had to stop at the drug store again today (more cold meds, remember?), by the time I got to the office the coffee was freezing cold.  
  • I'm working 9 hour days non-stop this week, at least until Thursday.  I have plans for this weekend (plans which did not include dealing with snow) so I need to leave work early on Friday.  In order to accomplish this (and because I do not have enough vacation time), I'm working through lunch every day this week.  So even when it was warm out this week, I've missed it.
  • I have an annoying cold and I had to go back to the pharmacy again to get more medication.  The flip side:  it's just a little cold and thankfully with a little (generic) cold medication I don't feel that bad.  Also, I'm lucky enough that the Walgreens by my office opens early so I can pop in before work.  There's never any one in there so early so I can run in, get what I want and get right back on the road to work.
  • It's freezing outside again.  While I'm tired of the coats (which I can't wait to take to the dry cleaners) and boot at least I have them.  They may be ugly, but they are functional.  I was smart enough to buy a heater for under my desk earlier this season and it didn't cost too much.  And as for that annoying snow that may or may not come on Friday...well it will be spring and Saturday it's supposed to be nearly 50 so that pesky stuff should melt away pretty quickly.
  • My smart phone gave me trouble, but at least I could get it working again.  Overall it's a great phone...although I may be getting too addicted to all the cool stuff it can do.  I'm blessed enough to be able to afford one and enjoy it.
  • The hair and make-up problems that I bitched about?  Well, I'm not a fashion model.  I sit in a cubicle most of the day so no one's really looking that much at me.  I do like to look my best, but hey, we all have days where we don't.  So if I had a bad hair day; tomorrow my hair can make it up to me! 
  • Let's talk about the over ripe banana and the coffee for a minute.  A split banana may be messy, but again it's not the end of the world.  Bananas that are a little brown (ok, maybe too brown) can be sweeter.  I'm all about the sweet.  As for the coffee, so the creamer wasn't what I expected.  A zap in the microwave did warm it up and it was pretty darned good.  I appreciate all the more when I am cold (like today) and I'm lucky that my husband brews some good stuff every day.
  • Long days at work are long days.  But there is a payoff.  I WILL leave early on Friday.  And in spite of the weather and/or this darned cold I WILL have a good time.  I have plans to see old friends and hopefully will make some new ones.  There won't be much rest, but there will be much fun.

Can you see why I'm mad?  All these little frustrations lead up to March madness!

Or does it?  Despite all the madness I listed above, I try to look on the brighter side of life.  (It certainly doesn't hurt; and it CAN help).  While I was driving in to work this morning (and traffic wasn't too bad which is definitely a plus), I thought about what I was mad about.

When I really look at it, there really isn't all that much to be mad about this March after all.  Just take a closer look at all your madness.  Is there really any reason to be mad at all?


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