Holy Week: The Home Stretch

Lent seems to have gone by quicker this year than in previous ones.  Palm Sunday has already come and gone and we are in "the home stretch" as Easter looms close by.  

I have missed my chocolate, but not enough.  I've been eating other sweets to "fill in" and upon reading a friend's Facebook post yesterday, I realized that what I've been missing this Lent is reflection.  This friend had given up cursing for Lent, but gave herself the latitude that if she did slip out, she would put money into a "curse jar" and whatever monies she fined herself would end up going to charity.  So in essence, any "mistakes" she made would benefit others.  She would have to think about her actions and any missteps would have consequences.  I cannot say the same.

I must confession, I did sort of slip up once this year. I grabbed a piece of gum from a desk drawer, not realizing that it was the one lone piece of "chocolate mint" left from a pack I'd gotten rid of long ago.  As soon as I began chewing, I realized that it wasn't just a regular stick of peppermint and was horrified that I'd  "slipped up."  Only at that time did I really reflect on what I did and why I should remain steadfast on this path.

But with that said, even though I have given up chocolate, which I am very much addicted to, I haven't given up sweets.  Essentially I've just substitute one vice for another.  Where is the sacrifice in that?  Am I truly missing anything?  Have I made this challenge into a test of "what can I get away with?"

With this in mind, I've determined that next year WILL be different.  And I've got you (whoever you are reading this) to hold me to it.  But next year is so far away, so with less than a week left before Easter, I am decided that it is time to truly give up all those sweet things that are dear to me.  So in addition to chocolate, there will be no more candy  (no more beloved Russell Stover jellybeans that have become a fixture by my desk), there will be no cookies (those Dare Maple Creams will have to wait for another week), no sugary cereals, no desserts of any kind as I know them.  I WILL desperately miss them for the week, as I know I am a sweet sugar junkie, but every time I really want something, I WILL have to stop and think.

Of course I am NOT giving up my sweet coffee in the morning or those sticks of gum that I chew during the day, but everything else (even including those tick tacks that reside in my purse) are out.  For me, this IS a serious challenge and will be a difficult hurdle.  But most importantly, it WILL make me stop and think.  It WILL make me reflect on this week and what it means.

The week will be over soon enough; although with my lack of sweets I know I'm going to be a little antsy and maybe even (dare I say it?) bitchy.  But it is a test worth taking; a challenge worth doing.  And next Lent, I plan on doing something just as challenging...maybe not the same thing, but something that will truly test me and make me really THINK about the 40+ days of Lent.


  1. You know I'm usually not a sweets person but I ended up with a 4lb cannister of jelly bellys and I have been working on them. Nom. I do understand about the lack of reflection though, we just get SO busy with everyday life...


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