Still Waiting on My Robin

Spring finally arrives on Friday...that is officially.  We've had a couple of spring like days here in NJ and the piles of snow are slowly melting down.  With that said, although it may feel like spring later today and tomorrow, I understand by the middle of the week it will be cold again and that on the actual first day of spring some areas may actually have snow.  (Thankfully it won't be anywhere near where I am going to be...I hope!)

Spring is almost here and I am still waiting on my robin.  Others have claimed to have seen a robin or two, but nothing has appeared before my eyes.  And I NEED to see a robin.  Robins, like crocuses poking their heads out of the ground, are proof to me that spring is actually here.  Sadly, I have seen neither yet.

I was thrilled with last week's warmer weather.  I LOVED driving home with the car windows open.  Seeing my on outside in snow boots but no coat made me laugh.  But I still need that robin.

Please land on my front lawn soon little bird.  The snow is clearing and there are patches of faded green for you to peck at.  (Although I have my doubts as if you will be able to find any worms.)  Come by.  Give me hope.  Let me know that spring is not just a distant memory, but a reality.


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