22 Years

 The day has come around again, as it does every year.  It was so long ago; over two decades IS a long time.  Yet it is close as yesterday.  A surreal nightmare that was real.  A perfectly beautiful day full of shineshine and blue sky; and then the world was gray.

What will we do today?  Will we stop to remember?  Will we pause to reflect? Will we, as we HAD to do that day, serve our fellow man?  Or we dishonor the fallen with hatred?

Twenty two years ago there was no time to ponder.  Action was the only option.  And so we acted.  We did not stop to debate, question or argue.  We did what needed to be done; we did what we could do.  We acted in UNITY.  We acted not for ourselves alone, but for humanity.

Twenty two years later, we have time.  We have time to remember, to reflect to serve.  We have choice as to what to do.

So what will you choose today?  Will you honor the 2,977?

Or will this be another day?


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