Queen of Coordination


In today's post I am giving myself a big pat on the back.  I'm praising myself for not having a complete nervous breakdown (I may have had several mini ones), for (mostly) keeping my head above water and (hopefully) getting through today as I have over the past week...with (relatively) calm and (semi) grace.

My last post was written on the 18th of this month and it was all about refrigerators, or lack there of.  At that point I had ordered a new fridge from a local business and it was going to be delivered on Tuesday.  I got the call that morning that it would be delivered between noon and four.  I thought they were going to call when they were on the way.  That didn't happen.  What did happen was that a refrigerator arrived in a perfectly undamaged box, but INSIDE the box the fridge WAS damaged and a replacement would be needed.  That replacement is supposed to be delivered today between noon and three.  (I had BEGGED for an earlier delivery time, but...)

While all this was going on, I was also trying to coordinate my dad's care.  He had been in the CCU from Tuesday, June 13th to the evening of Monday, June 19th when he was moved to a "regular" floor.  I knew discharge would be an eventuality and after being in two different rehabilitations facilities where he was miserable and did not get any stronger (which was my hope), it was time to bring him home with hospice care.  On Tuesday, June 20th I was actually on the phone (in a "phone booth" in my office) with the palliative care doctor when the hospital called and left a message saying they were working on a discharge plan back to the rehab facility.  (NO!)  On Wednesday, June 21st, my dad was accessed by a hospic case worker and we started to put together a plan for specialized home equipment like a bed (I wanted a specific type of bed for his wounds...which it turns out you CAN'T get, but...) and oxygen.  On Thursday, I get another call from the hospital where they are ready to discharge him and I am explaining that I am working on coordinating with hospice to get the supplies he needs.  

In a (semi) panic I called hospice to make sure they WOULDN'T discharge him from the hospital until everything was in place.  The hospice group assured me they wouldn't.  (As much faith as I have in hospice, I have very little faith in the hospital coordinating all of this.)  I had to arrange for the current hospital bed (which has been in the house since February?) to be picked up and removed.

Did I mention that I was doing this all over the phone yesterday while I was also getting ready for my son's high school graduation?  I was actually just sitting down to lunch with my in laws (who had driven in from Pennsylvania) when I hospice called with all the details and gave me the information on who to call to pick up the old bed.

All during the day, my cell phone was ringing.  (Thankfully I have a lovely, relaxing ringtone.)  Even as I was getting out of the car at the high school for the graduation ceremony it was ringing!  Thankfully it was just a spam call and I was able to enjoy the ceremony with my family.  Because I needed to enjoy the ceremony.  My son has (mostly) worked hard for the past 13 years.  My husband and I have worked hard over past 13 years.  This was HIS moment and OUR moment too.  And I have to say that I have never seen him happier than he was last night.  (So I guess I've done something right.)

Was this day of celebration and joy tainted by all the coordination craziness?  For me, yes. I hope not for my son.  But I will say (thankfully) that from 5:30 yesterday afternoon until around 7:30 this morning I was NOT focused on medical issues.

As I write this, I am waiting for a time for the rental bed pick up.  I have a time frame for refrigerator delivery.  (Hopefully it's right and it's UNDAMAGED.)  I have a time frame for delivery of the hospice bed and oxygen.  (It will be coming later in the afternoon, which I am hoping will give enough time for the rental bed to be picked up and taken away.)  And I know that my father will NOT be transported from the hospital to the house until the hospice equipment is in place.  Still I am tense and apprehensive.  (I'll take any and all prayers.)

I know that I have done everything I possibly can to make this all work.  Maybe for once this will work?  (Fingers crossed.)  For when this is all said and done, I can heave a sigh of relief and REALLY celebrate my son's achievements and bask in the glow of being the mom of a high school graduate.


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