Lowe's LIES

Note:   before you start reading this blog post go back and read my previous post. It will give you some important information about the BS that I have been dealing with when it comes to getting a new refrigerator and Lowe's.

 First off, let me say if you are my friend or if you are my enemy (I don't have any do I?), if I know you or if I don't know you, let me give you this advice. NEVER order an appliance from Lowe's. Let me say that again NEVER EVER ever order an appliance from Lowe's.

 After the debacle that Lowe's created on Friday the 16th of June, I reordered the same refrigerator to be delivered to the shore address on Saturday June 17th. I was told that the refrigerator that they could not deliver because they had the wrong town had to be returned and I would be credited. As of this writing that hasn't happened; as of this writing there are two refrigerators with processing charges on my credit card.

 However I am ever hopeful and ever and ever positive. (HA!) When I ordered the second refrigerator to be delivered on Saturday June 17th I felt pretty good about it actually being delivered on June 17th. What a fool I was!

 As I drove down to the shore with my husband who I had convinced to come with me to assist with the refrigerator delivery (because after yesterday's experience I needed support), I got a text message from Lowe's saying that my item was out for delivery and would be arriving between 8:30 and 12:30. This message came in to my cell phone at 8:09.

 My husband and I got to the house around 8:30 after a quick stop at Wawa.  Wawa  will never let you down, at least that's my experience. As far as I can see, Wawa knows what customer service is and how to meet your needs.  (Something that Lowe's REALLY needs to learn.)

 When we got to the house my dad's caregiver went out to run some errands.  (Since she had been sitting around waiting to hear when the refrigerator that she had spent the day waiting for on Friday, would arrive on Saturday.) My husband and I sat on the deck reading and drinking our coffees. Around 9:15 or so I just happened to check my email. Lo and behold there was an email from Lowe's saying that my order could not be delivered today. This email came in at 8:40. So now I have a text at 8:09 saying that my delivery will be arriving between 8:30 and 12:30 AND an email saying it will not. How can that be? If it was not going to be delivered why did they send me a text in the first place? If it was not going to be delivered why didn't they update me with the text?  Why did the two different methods of communication conflict with each other?

 Adding to the confusion was when you clicked the link to reschedule delivery in the email it took you to a page that showed that the item WAS out for delivery between 8:30 and 12:30.  We had no choice, but to try and call customer service. Of course the wait time to speak to a representative was between 30 and 60 minutes, so we opted to leave our number and wait for a call back.

 An hour later we did get a call back.  I had my husband cover the call because I was really overwrought at this point. He tried to remain calm and get an answer as to why we were texted at 8:09 that our delivery was on the way and then got an email 31 minutes later saying it couldn't be delivered. The customer service rep said that the item never made it on the truck. If the item never made it on the truck why did we get a text? Why did we get an email saying it wasn't going to be delivered and not a text? The customer service rep had no answer for this. All she could do was reschedule the delivery. When did we want delivery? We wanted delivery yesterday and it didn't happen! We wanted delivery today and it didn't happen! Now Lowe's has said that they will deliver tomorrow.

 Do I believe this? I don't know. I think I might have a better odds of winning the Mega Millions Jackpot then actually having the refrigerator that I ordered originally on Thursday and then again on Friday delivered on a Sunday morning. But...

 I am trying (and failing) to remain calm and positive. However that is not me at this point in my life. My father's caregiver has gone for 2 days without a refrigerator because we were told it was going to be delivered on Friday and then again on Saturday. I am worried about my father who was in the hospital while I am trying to get and appliance delivered to the house and no one at Lowe's wants to help me with that.  No one at Lowe's wants to take responsibility for this whole debacle. And all this is very stressful.  It shouldn't be.

 I ordered this refrigerator from Lowe's because they told me online that they could deliver it next day. They lied. I did not order this refrigerator from two or three other big box stores because they told me they couldn't deliver it until July. I guess they (unlike Lowe’s) were being honest. It's obvious that Lowe's has no clue how to deliver a refrigerator in a timely manner.  It is obvious that Lowe's makes commitments that they can't (or won't) keep.  It's obvious that Lowe's  LIES.

 Tomorrow, we'll find out if a refrigerator actually arrives at the shore house. And if it does we'll find out if it arrives is installed and has the doors set up correctly as indicated in the notes when we purchased the refrigerator online. (The hinges have to be on the left side of the refrigerator so that the door opens from the right to the left. According to the specs that is easily done. Will the installers actually do that? Don't ask because I'm afraid for an answer.)

 As I try and wait patiently to see if refrigerator shows up at the house tomorrow. All I can say is I will never ever order anything again from Lowe's. I will NEVER shop or set foot in one of their stores again. And unless you want to have frustration and stress and aggravation you won't order from Lowe's either. Because Lowe's lies.


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