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 Note:  Before you begin to read, you really should check into my two previous blog posts on my experience with Lowe's.  They can be found here and here.

Father's Day, Sunday, June 18th (also Paul McCartney's 81st birthday):  I'm sitting around waiting to hear when the refrigerator will arrive from Lowe's.  Despite getting an email yesterday saying that my delivery would arrive between 8 AM and 8 PM, I got NO updates and the link just said that my order was being processed.  By 10:30 I was tired of waiting.  I called the store that it was coming from and asked for an update.  I got disconnected.  I called again and finally got someone.  This person was very nice and told me that it looked like my delivery hadn't made it again.  In baseball its three strikes and you're out.  I shouldn't have given them that many strikes, but...In my nicest (and I do mean NICEST) voice, I asked the person if he would cancel the order as they had promised and failed to deliver on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  He said he would (and yes, I two have credits for 2 purchases from Lowe's on my credit card) and asked if he could do anything else for me.  I told him I hoped that he could find a better job soon because he sounded like a nice person, and Lowe's is shitty company that can't deliver and he deserved something better than answering phones on a beautiful Sunday morning.

My husband immediately went to the Home Depot app to order a fridge.  Guess what?  The app didn't work properly.  It kept kicking him out.  He went upstairs to the office to order it that way and was well on his way, BUT...there was no way to make a notation that the door hinges had to be on the left side.  (Most automatically come on the right, but can be easily switched.)  Next step, call the location...which put him on hold...

It was time to nix the big box store B.S.  So we went searching for a (relatively) local store that could handle this.  It took a couple of tries, but eventually we landed on Ajay Appliances.  We were able to find what we needed on their site and order it.  The only downside, was that they didn't show WHEN they would deliver.  So before we pushed the submit button, I called.

And guess what...I got a person right away!  I explained that we were about to place an order, but I needed to know when they would be able to deliver.  The person I spoke to (Joe) said Thursday or Friday, which didn't thrill me, but seemed reasonable.  Then Joe asked me for the delivery address.  He put me on hold (Ugh!) and came back saying that he THOUGHT he could get it out for delivery on Tuesday.  If for some reason Tuesday didn't work, then it would be Friday.  Again, NOT ideal, but reasonable.

We placed the order.  Just a few minutes later Joe called me back and let me know that there would be a charge for doing the door reversal.  Again NOT thrilled, but at least he called and was upfront about it.

Now it's back to the waiting game.  We haven't gotten a time frame (yet) for delivery and you can bet I'll call on Tuesday to check in on that.

Will a local, smallish, business prove its worth?  Prayers said and fingers crossed.  Stay tuned.


  1. You are amazing...let's hope they do what they promise.The pressure of replacing an appliance is maddening! Neither Betsy sy nor Steve nor I could have been successful.

  2. Praying for your sanity and your dad’s caregiver’s sake that the fridge arrives - at a minimum - by Friday. But truly hopeful that by God’s Grace it arrives tomorrow!


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