Am I Out of My MIND?

Last night my son went to the prom.  He went last year ( which was an experience for me as I had never gone to a prom and didn't know all the "trappings" that go along with it. 
(Yes, I was [am?] a sad nerd who didn't have a boyfriend in high school and didn't have a pack of friends that went to the prom as a group. I don't think that was a "thing" back then, but then again, I was so NOT popular or with the "in crowd" I wouldn't have known anyway.)  This year was a little different.

Last year, it was a big deal.  I guess that's because it was their first prom/dance experience.  (Covid really did a number on the social experiences.)  Last year everything seemed to be pretty well planned out. This year it was mostly the same group of friends (Two more boys, one less girl), but no one seemed into the whole "plan" thing.  I kept asking how they were getting there and all I got was "no limo mom."  (Note:  I should have ignored that and gotten parents together to pay for it.  If not, I should have paid for it myself, it would have been worth the lack of angst.)  I kept asking and got the same response over and over, “I don't know ma."  What I DID hear was that he (and his friends) was going to the shore for the long weekend.  (Due to lack of snow, the students got back 3 inclement weather days, so Memorial Day weekend has gone from Saturday-Monday to Thursday-Tuesday!)

It wasn't until Monday of the week of prom, that the mom of the "shore guest house" started a group text saying she was aware of the weekend plans and giving us the particulars.  This started talk of how the group was getting to the prom AND how they were getting to the shore the next day.

By Wednesday (the day of the prom) it was determined that everyone would meet at one girl's house at 5:30 for photos.  After 15 minutes a parent delegation would drive groups out to the venue.  I had volunteered to take some kids, but as it turned out there was another parent with a much bigger vehicle so I didn't have to drive anyone out OR back (another parent volunteered to do that.)  The remainder of the group went with one of the group driving!  I was thrilled to be able to get my photos and go home and NOT do anything for the rest of the night.

Today (Thursday) was another story.  I volunteered to drive my son and the other three boys down to the shore.  (The girls would go in two separate vehicles.  I don't know if my son is ready for the Garden State Parkway!  I don't know if ANYONE is actually ready for the GSP, the NJ Turnpike or other numerous crazy roads around here, and that includes me!)  My plan was to take them, drop them off and then continue south where I would work from the shore house.  (Side note:  my dad has moved from the rehab facility BACK to the hospital.  I have no idea when he will be coming back here.  His caregiver still lives here and goes to see him during the day, spending most of her time at the hospital.)  I would take a two-hour midday break from work and then get back to it.  (With the hopes that tomorrow I will be able to "leave work early.")

So this morning, I got up and went to ShopRite with my husband (our usual Friday morning "date") so that he would have something to eat while I was out of the house and to get drinks and snacks for the teen shore group.  I worked for several hours, managed to get my son up and packed.  (I hope he packed!  He had a bag...I have no idea what was in it, although I did encourage him to take a pillow and a towel.)  All three boys showed up EXACTLY on time.  (I was impressed.)  They PACKED my Ford Escape and then they packed themselves in.

We got to the house after about an hour.  (The girl whose family owns the house had started out directly behind us on the parkway.  Eventually I had her pass us, so she and her group got to the house first, as it should be.  I do have to say that I was impressed with her highway driving!)  The guys unloaded the car and I left.  (Taking over 40 minutes to get from there to here.  Traffic was heavy, and its only Thursday!  Of course I did do a "quick" stop at another ShopRite to pick up lunch for myself and that was a mistake.)

I am "working", but I am also wondering if I am out of my mind.  Ten teens are living in a house for the next three and a half days.  There are no parents on site.  (Although one set of parents will be in the next town starting tomorrow night and I am only 15 miles away.)  They are on their own.  COMPLETELY.

Am I insane?  

As my husband pointed out, my son will be on his own in 3 months (when he goes to college).  He is 3 months shy of being a legal adult. (Able to buy a gun, but not booze...but that's another blog post.)  All of these "kids" (I call them that, referring to them as boys and girls, but really, they are young adults) are "good kids."  They are all responsible (or as responsible as teens can be).  They are lucky to have this rite of passage and I want them to enjoy it (responsibly though!)

If I'm out of my mind, so be it.  I'm going to finish up the day's work, maybe go for a drive to pick up a bottle of wine (screw top...I don't have a corkscrew) and try to relax with what's left of the day.  Life has been way too stressful over the past year.  It's time for me to "let go" and enjoy as we enter the unofficial start of the summer season.



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