If you haven't already read this:, you might want to give it a one over before you continue on.  Gives you some background on what I'm about to delve (rant?) into...

So...on July 29th (that would be the last work day of the month), the school schedules were finally released in the afternoon.  So the "promise" that schedules would be available in July so that summer assignments could be viewed was kept.  (Over a month after school had been let out for the summer.)  Sure enough my son DID get into AP Lit & Composition.  He is listed in the classroom, although he is NOT listed in the classroom for the summer assignment.  However, because I pushed him, he had gotten a passcode to get into the summer classroom and see what he needed to do.  (Don't ask me if he has done it yet...)  

I reviewed his schedule and was pretty okay with what I saw. (It seemed to jib with what we had requested). However, there was one thing missing:  Advanced Art. This really angered me.  To get into this class, he had to submit a portfolio (which he did) and fill out a specific request form (which he did).  He is part of the National Art Honor Society and will most likely pursue a career that somehow relates to the arts.   So the fact that it wasn't on his schedule made me really mad.

(I also have to note here that I have absolutely no artistic ability whatsoever.  I can barely draw a stick figure.  Therefore, I am in awe of the work that my son does.  Do I think he's the next great artist?  Probably not.  But he is talented and enjoys art in several forms, from sketching to (re) designing clothes to landscaping.  I also have noted that his sketches are often very reminiscent of my Great Uncle's art, which I have been enamored of since I was a kid.  Unfortunately for Great Uncle Bill, he contracted tuberculous and died in his 20s.)

So I IMMEDIATELY email his guidance counselor, who (surprise) is out of the office for the summer.  So I email HIS boss (per his out of office message) and she replied that day with:  Thank you for your email.  There are so many moving parts with scheduling nearly *** students, I can't say for certain exactly why *** wasn't scheduled for those classes.  Regardless, we will absolutely be able to look at his schedule and try our best to adjust.  I would appreciate you completing the Schedule Change Request Form linked here.  I know that email can be effective for relaying details but with multiple counselors working through dozens of changes, the form helps us to keep all of our requests organized and in one place.  Thank you for your help. 

We will begin making changes to schedules the week of August 8th once all students/parents have had a chance to submit change requests.  Of course, seniors will have priority."

You KNOW I filled out that form right away.

Today is the 8th and first thing this morning I received a call from my son's guidance counselor.  He couldn't understand why I was requesting Advanced Art for my son when he was already scheduled for it.  I listed all the classes on the Parent Portal summary page.  It does not show what period is what, but lists all the classes for the year and Advanced Art is not on it.  The counselor assured me my son IS in the class (period 6).

So all IS well with my son's senior schedule (for now), but obviously all is NOT well when it comes to the infamous Parent Portal.  If it hadn't been obvious on July 29th; it should have been obvious  yesterday when I got  17 emails from "it" saying I had forms I had to fill out if I wanted to be able to continue to use the portal, which I did.  (Even forms that don't pertain to my son.)  Then again this morning, I got another slew of emails saying the same thing again, despite the fact that the portal shows that all of the forms have been submitted.

Looks like his last year is going to be just as fun as the previous years.  As a parent pointed out to me, only 10 more months to go...


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