Don't Tell (the office)


It's a lovely summer morning here in my neighborhood.  Like many mornings this week, when I woke up it felt more like an early autumn day. Which is the time of year I love...that wonderful space at the end of summer/beginning of autumn where it's not too hot and perfect sleeping weather.  This time of year can happen from August - October and when the miraculous day happens, it brings true joy to my life.  The early mornings this week have been darker (because the days are getting shorter and I'm really starting to notice it), but the temperatures have been perfect for walking.  As such I've been doing a lot more miles these day (which is a good thing).  I'm trying to take advantage of the cool morning with low humidity; knowing that soon it will be too cold and that I will leave in the dark in the morning and when I return (even two or more hours later), it will still be dark.  (And that's something I don't like at all!)

(Not my photo...freely "borrowed" from furniture website)

With this glorious weather, I've taken advantage of my "newish" (as of last summer) patio and "bistro style" table and chairs.  With the umbrella (that I reluctantly purchased earlier this season when the older/cheaper one fell to pieces) I can (somewhat) control the sun/shade ratio.  On weekends, my husband and I frequently have our morning coffee out here.  I actually did so myself this morning; nothing like a good cup of coffee and a good book to make the morning better.  

What I've really enjoyed doing this week (well maybe enjoyed is a bit of an overstatement), is moving my laptop out with me and setting up an "outdoor office."  (I am not mentioning the actual office that I am supposed to be working in because I'm not going to tempt fate and leaving sleeping dogs lie is the best policy that I can come up with.)  There's an outlet for me to plug my laptop in; the house Wi-Fi works out here as well.  The table is large enough for the laptop, my mouse/mousepad and a few other things.  The umbrella keeps the laptop cool and in the shade while I can position my chair so that I get a little sun.  The chair is a little low, so I grabbed a pillow to sit on.  (Maybe the chair is not too low; maybe I am too vertically challenged.) 

 It beats the indoors any day.  I have a relatively nice view. (Although if someone can make a recommendation for a home on the eastern seaboard that is somewhat remote, yet has high speed internet, I'm ready to listen.)  I could go for more trees, but...And while it can be a bit noisy (I'm not talking about the clicking of the circadas which is somewhat pleasant [if you don't know what I'm talking about visit:]; although the circada killer wasps are not) the same noise (construction down the block, traffic from the local roadways, incessant beeping of some alarm in the distance that has been going on since before I went for my walk this morning and yells from the local car dealer) is audible in my indoor "home office."  (Again I'm open to suggestions for quieter, but still scenic locations that would still provide the necessary components that would allow me to work and live happily.)

These days will (sadly) not last forever.  So I'm taking advantage of what I have been blessed with today.  If possible, I'd encourage you to do the same.  We can't make our lives perfect, but if we can find the little things that make us happier (or even just make the day more tolerable), go for it!  You deserve it!


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