Here We Are In August


In the midst of summer with broiling days (except for yesterday when it felt like early May...explain that to me) I'm not quite sure how we got to August.  I'll be honest most days are a blur and it's a good thing I blog so that I can remember what's happened over the past several months because it all just runs together.

Although I am still focused on making sure my dad is taken care of and trying to muddle through the estate process (I'm sure I'll get into that in more detail at some point), life is marching on around me.  There's work which can be hectic (we're halfway through the 3rd quarter and I know that the last 3 months of 2022 are going to be killer). 

My son's summer is just as stressful. There's his summer job, which is halfway complete.  He's definitely facing his own challenges this week dealing with young kids (under 5) who apparently feel that spitting and grabbing is okay.  (Definitely not part of the job description and definitely not what you'd expect from beginning theater camp, but...).  Then there's his upcoming driving test.  (Cross those fingers and toes; say a few prayers.)  PLUS there are those summer assignments...

Yes, on July 29th the school FINALLY posted what classes he would be in and AP English Lit and Composition IS on the agenda.  Which means he's got some books to read.  (Good thing we jumped ahead last week and ordered those books:  Meanwhile, two of the art electives he requested are NOT listed.  One I'm not too bothered by, but the other was an advanced art class for which he had to submit a mini-portfolio for back in the spring.  Why is it missing?  I'm BETTING that other course conflict with it.  (We've been down that road before with the you can have choir or French but not both which resulted in him getting into the auditioned choir group which meets at 7:20 four mornings a KNOW how much teens [or indeed just about anyone] love getting up extra early for a class.)  However, I don't know.  After I got an out of office type notification from his guidance counselor (remember this is his 3rd in 4 years), I went to the director of guidance (as recommended in his email) who had me fill out a schedule change form which will be reviewed next week.  I've been told it's challenging to schedule 600+ students and I'm sure it is.  (Although schools of much larger sizes in our area seem to manage it.)  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the class will be held during the time that he is currently slotted for a study hall (which I am not adverse to especially since he's taking more than one AP class), but I'm not holding my breath.  

Should I even mention that we need to start seriously looking at colleges?  We've visited two thus far, but I think we're going to need to do some more work. I say we because although it may be my son who will be heading to college, the whole family needs to work our way through the process.  (Something else that I am dreading.)

What does August have in store for us?  I'm expecting some "fun" as I navigate the will probation process.  Visiting banks and filling out paperwork is most likely in the cards for me.  Tell me not to stress out.  (Too late...I'm already stressed.)

With all that said, I will get through this (just like I get through everything).  And maybe, just maybe, at the end of summer (meaning before school is back in session), we'll get a bit of a vacation break.  Now that's something to look forward to.


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