BoA is annoyed with me...

 It's no surprise that Bank of America is a little miffed.  Over the past week I've mentioned them in 3 blog posts and none of those mentions were particularly complimentary.  (If you don't know what I'm talking about you can quickly read:, and the small mention in yesterday's post:  I've tagged them on social media when I post my blogs, which I'm guessing is a small thorn in their side.  I am annoying gnat that won't get out of their face, even though they keep swatting me away.  After yesterday's post I had this messaging exchange through Twitter.  (Setup...I tagged them when I posted my blog with this:  "And  @BankofAmerica  it's been nearly a week....any word on when you might release my mom's funds and unfreeze half of my dad's account?  Inquiring minds want to know."  To which their social media team nearly immediately responded:  "We saw you tagged us in your twitter post. Please click below to connect with our Social Media Client Care Team via PM. ^joseph" This is what started the "conversation")

Me:  Hello...yes I tagged you again on twitter in reference to my blog post.  I am still waiting to hear from someone in your company (as "case manager" to review my mother's account (you have all the paperwork) and I'd also like to know why you froze OVER half the moneys in my father's account which also had my mother's name.  And why you did so when you did.  In your message of Friday evening you said to give you 24 hours (business days)...I have and I haven't heard.

BoA:  Are we able to reach out to you at the same phone # you gave us in the past? Or please share your best contact number? ^joseph

Me:  Yes

BoA:  Thanks for confirming. Please allow some time and we will follow up with you. Furthermore; please delete your recent post including an image since we are unable to view it and it may contain sensitive information. ^desiree

Me:  What are you talking about?  Please clarify and I would be happy to accommodate in a timely fashion, just as you have accommodated me.

BoA:  We were unable to view the link you provided. We ask our clients to delete it in the event it contains sensitive account information since Twitter is not a channel we own. Furthermore; I have escalated your concern to our Estate Unit Team. We certainly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please allow some time and we will follow up with you. ^desiree

Me:  There was no link provided, unless you are talking about my blog posts in which I tagged you. If so, no need to worry there is no sensitive account info in it.      How much more time will you need to follow up as I first tried to get a check for the Estate last Thursday.  The other bank I dealt with provided me with the funds immediately.   Additionally, I need to know WHY you froze funds from my father's two accounts TWO WEEKS after you froze my mothers.  Makes no sense and I have been given no explanation for this.

BoA:  Thanks for confirming. Yes that's what we were referring to for the link. We understand and sympathize with your situation. This is not the experience we want you to have. I have already escalated your concern to the appropriate team. Please allow some time for them to review your concern and get back to you as soon as possible. ^desiree

They've had since Friday to review my concern.  (I won't count Thursday when I filled out all their forms and was told that would have to wait weeks for the funds to be released.)  How long does it take to review?  It took TD Bank  under two hours.  (And I thought that was a long time.)

I'm going to keep being that annoying little gnat on social media because it SEEMS to be the only thing that gets their attention.  Clearly the don't care much about customers.

And just so you DON'T think I'm just an old grouch (which I can be)...there are companies/corporations that DO care or respond in a timely manner. For example, last night (technically this morning), our power went out.  This wasn't a surprise and it has been really hot here and I had expected something like that to happen (although earlier in the day).  My husband reported it.  We got notification that they received our report.  They texted the estimated time that the problem would be resolved (4 hours) and resolved it in 2.  Then they sent out an automated text asking us to confirm that our power was back on.  Yes, it was all automated, but they DID deliver and they DID follow up.  I'm not always thrilled with PSEG, but I appreciate the fact that they try to work quickly and they DO follow up.  Am I happy that I lay in bed sweating for several hours not sleeping?  No!  Am I happy that it was only 2 hours and that I was able to eventually get back to sleep?  YES.  

Paying attention to customers doesn't just apply to companies that provide service, it also applies to goods.  Like my favorite local pizza place.  Thus far in my experience (and I hope this doesn't change), my pizza has always been delicious, hot and ready on time.  The fact that they have Tuesday night pizza deals means that if it's Tuesday and I have nothing planned for dinner, you can pretty much count on us getting pizza there.  (Which we did last night because it was so HOT.  Seems like a lot of people had the same idea, as I saw customers going in and out of their little storefront.)

I'd also like to give a shout out to L.L. Bean, which should come as no surprise to anyone as they are renowned for their customer care.  (Maybe they should give BoA some lessons?)  I had an issue ordering on line last month, so I called them up and they took care of me right away.  Every time I order from them, they deliver EARLIER than they say they will.  They can be a little pricey (in my book), but you can't beat their quality.  After hearing good things about their towels, I finally decided to go for it.  I am in love with their premium cotton towels.  They are so wonderfully soft; why didn't I do this sooner? I will never be able to go back to "regular" towel again.  L.L. Bean, you have spoiled me.

So BoA, I am NOT a grouch.  I am just someone who is looking for customer service in a timely manner.  None of the above mentioned businesses have ever made me jump through hoops and caused me the stress that you have.  Maybe it's time to examine your practices; time to put some thought into the customer's experience.  If you do, maybe you'll find that there aren't so many grouches in your universe.


  1. I like that they were adamant that you delete something on your own social media that may have your own sensitive information. Suuuuure “sensitive information” is their big worry.


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