Note:  Here's hoping that Marvel (who own "Spragg") and the estates of Rogers and Hammerstein (the tune got stuck in my head) don't sue me over this, but...Sing along with me.

Spragg the hill
You wish me ill
Every morning you greet me
Tall and wide
Green and white
I think you want to eat me

You've blossoms like snow
that bloom and grow
will bloom and grow

Spragg the Hill
living hill
I fear your evil existence

The story behind Spragg is this...

Approximately one month ago, my new  neighbor had a pile of dirty delivered to his backyard.  Or maybe (as my memory is not perfect), it was just that the neighbor reallocated the mound that was originally behind the garage.  Either way, this mound of dirt resides behind his garage, but not directly behind; more towards the back part and side that faces my property.  So that I have a good view of:

This was Spragg back in the day when he was a young mount of dirt.  Thanks to sun and rain and wind, Spragg has flourished.

As the song goes...he is blooming and growing...

This was just last week when I noticed that Spragg was indeed blooming.  Some inquiries and diligent friends pointed out that this was jimson weed; which if ingested can be a hallucinogen.  Which lead me to do further research and find this fun article from last year:  https://hightimes.com/culture/flashback-friday-jimsonweed-the-worlds-worst-dope/.  My favorite quote (in case you don't want to read the full article) is:  "Jimsonweed is illegal in this country, but it grows wild almost everywhere. It grows best in marshy and swampy regions, but may even be found flourishing in vacant lots in big cities. It’s easiest to find, though, in unweeded fields where moisture abounds."

And abounding it is.  Last week it was blooming and growing...this week is continues to do it's thing:

So if a pile of dirt shows up on your property...keep an eye out.  Spragg could be on the move. 

After all...this just showed up on Friday:

We've dubbed him:  Spragg II:  Electric Boogaloo.  (And if you know that reference you are an 80s kid!)

Finally just this morning arrived:

You guessed it: Spragg III (in 3D...just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...how's that for a summer reference.)

In conclusion:

Spragg the hill
multiplying still
terrifying children forever.


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