Frigidaire STILL Doesn't Care


Yes...this is a follow up to:

And let me preface this again by saying  it's hot again in NJ and even though this is not a problem that is going to affect the course of world events, I am frustrated and tired to say the least.

When we last left off, Frigidaire was going to send us a gift card for the cost of purchase (minus sales tax...even though we didn't get a working product that should be taxed).  We DID get said gift card this week.  And this is where we were that....this is where my husband turned into an optimist.

He went back to Amazon.  He found ANOTHER Frigidaire (NOT the same model).  Why?  Because reviews say the unit is relatively quiet.  I WANT quiet.  I've lived through too many noisy units in my lifetime.  He orders the unit.  And we wait...

UPS pulled up at our house around 3 this afternoon with a nice big box.  Hubby and son bring it inside.  Hubby checks box to make sure that the unit is what he ordered.  One that will work with Alexa and indeed the box says that:  


So...they lug it upstairs to the bedroom.  But this time, BEFORE he puts it in the window, he tests it to make sure it will connect.  He follows the directions.   (I watch him follow the directions.)  Guess what happens?

Absolutely NOTHING.  No connection.  He turns it off and gives it a minute and tries again.  NOTHING!

Furious, he calls customer service and waits and waits...and after about 15 minutes or so gets Brianna who I am sure is a very nice lady and he DID try to be nice, but this is the 2nd unit we've gotten from them within the month of August and this is the 2nd unit that hasn't worked as advertised.  

What are the odds of getting 2 units that don't have working wifi?  I'm saying if it comes from Frigidaire, the chances are pretty good.  I'm thinking there's probably a whole lot of units out there advertised as working with Alexa or Google Assistant that don't.  (And if you have one; let me know.)

So here we are again.  Help ticket opened and an unit that has been paid for that doesn't work properly.

When it comes to quality control, Frigidaire STILL doesn't care.


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