I AM Judgemental


I don't want to be, but I am.  I try not to, but I do.  I'm human and I have flaws just like we all do.  So I try not to judge, but sometimes I do.

Now I don't judge on race or sex or religion or things like that.  I am guilty of judging people on two very specific things:

  • How I see them treat other people
  • How selfishly they act
To be honest, sometimes (many times) those two things are tied together.

An example of both might be the person who walks into a business where it very clearly says that face coverings are required and not wearing a face covering.  In my mind they are treating everyone in the establishment poorly and doing so for their own selfish reasons.  (Yes, I am very much aware that they are people who can't wear face coverings for health reasons.  But they are in the minority and I'd guess that if a person had a health issue prevented them from wearing a mask, they wouldn't be out at let's say Walmart in the middle of a busy day to pick up a pair of leggings.)  I am judging you by your behavior.  Maybe I shouldn't but I am.

I judge the person who feel that the rules don't apply to them.  Case in point (and the reason behind today's post):  the woman who I saw running on the track behind the middle school today.  Now, there is NOTHING wrong with running or walking on a track. I have regularly walked on this very track and have had people jog/run past me.  However, the town has repeatedly said that all playing fields and running tracks are CLOSED.  This particular track has been under construction and the town posted this on their social media page less than a week ago: "Please be advised that the *** track will be under construction this weekend and no one will be allowed to enter or walk on the track! Trespassing will be strictly enforced by the *PD. We are seeking everyone’s cooperation in order to prevent damage to the track this weekend! We will let everyone know when the track is back open to the public. Thank you!"  (I put in the ***  so as not to disclose the exact location, but if you dig around you'll know exactly where I am talking about.) This was also picked up by local media.  Furthermore, there are signs up saying the track is closed and lots of yellow tape which is supposed to prevent people from entering.  So WHY did this woman feel that she HAD to run on the track today?  

Rules and regulations apply to all of us.  I have said plenty of times that each of us are unique and special in our own way, but that does not make us better than anyone else and it doesn't mean that the rules don't apply.  They do.  They are there for  a reason and when you blatantly disregard that, I DO judge you.

I won't judge you for wearing plaids and stripes.  I won't judge you for wearing white after Labor Day.  But I will when I see blatant disregard for others and selfish behavior that shows lack of respect for people, places and things.  

So help me NOT to judge.  Treat your fellow man with kindness and respect.  If you screw up (as we all do), make amends.  A sincere apology can go a long way.  (I confess that I've made many and will certainly continue to do so when I don't treat others the way they should be treated.)  Try not to be selfish (I know we all are at one time or another) or at the very least do not be selfish when it can negatively impact others.

I close by openly inviting you to judge, not me, but this post.  Am I off base?  Too harsh?  Grammar not up to par?  Go on...right now...this post...judge.


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