Cold Kindness?

Today is International Kindness Day.  (  I am wearing my cardigan. 
  I NEED a cardigan.  It's is COLD out there.  Brutally cold, as most of North America knows all too well.  It is in the 20s outside, but when I sit in my office cubicle today with the sun shining bright (which it was NOT doing yesterday), it will get mighty hot and the cardigan will have to come off.  (My cheap little clock/thermometer cube that sits in the window is currently reading over 80; yesterday when it was warmer outside, but cloudy, it wouldn't even hit 70 and even in my cardigan I was FREEZING.)

So with cold feet (my feet are almost always cold) and hot upper body (cardigan, it's just about time to come off), I sit and try to focus on being kind.  I NEED to focus on being kind.  We are all too quick to anger and not to THINK.  This might be one of our greatest problems/challenges/flaws.  We are quick to anger.  We don't pause.  We don't consider.  So today, I am going to do my best to stop, think and then speak/act.  I encourage you to do the same.

I am also going to give you some "cold" advice.  Advice that I hope that you will pass on.  It's something I've said before, but is worth saying again.  


(Sorry for the shouting, but it really does need to be said and more than once.)

I am saying this out of kindness because I don't like to see anyone scammed or taken advantage of.

Over the past 3 days, I've seen at least 3 different people "share" on social media a link that will give them free beer or a $100 coupon for groceries or clothing.  As much as I would love $100 off my next shopping trip at Kohl’s or Home Depot; it's not going to happen.  Bill Gates is not giving away cash; nor is Mark Zuckerberg. Disappointing, I know, but true. I also want to point out that although you have the best of intentions, by sharing, you are not only compromising your own data, you are potentially compromising that of your friends too.

Share your photos on social media.  That is a kind thing to do.  Share your positive thoughts on social media.  But don't share things that are too good to be true.  Be kind; do your research before you share anything on social media.

Share your smile.  Spread kindness and not spam.


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