To The Parents Of An Average Kid

If your child gets straight As...this post is not for you.

If your child is a star athlete...this post is not for you.

If your child is first chair flute, the soloist in choir or the lead in the school play...this post is not for you.

This is for the parents of an average kid.  

Average kids do exist.  We don't see them that often because we're too busy trying to make life extraordinary.  Every other kid, except mine and maybe yours (if you'll admit to it) excels in absolutely EVERYTHING.  Everyone else is happy.  No one else yells.  No one else struggles.

BULLSHIRT!  (Yes, I said that.)

Average, ordinary kids DO exist.  Despite what we may want to think or are being spoon-fed, they are the majority.  We are the parents of ORDINARY human beings.  Not the ones at the top of the class; nor the ones at the bottom.  The ones who don't win award.  The ones who try, but not all the time.  The ones we push to be their best and they push back.  The ones who could do better, but might not.  The ones who participate, but not all the time.  The good ones; who can also be total jerks too.  (You know I wanted to say something stronger there, but I didn't right?)

Parenting is exhausting.  When they are babies you are exhausted because they are up screaming for some reason or another and you get no sleep.  When they are toddlers, you are exhausted because you are potty training or trying to get them to eat solid food or a variety of other things.  When they are of school age, you are exhausted because of classwork and homework and tests and after school activities of all shapes and sizes.  Then you hit the teen/young adult age and you are exhausted by the attitude; by the pushback and constant frustration.  When they are adults, you are exhausted by what they face in the "real world."  There is no easy age when it comes to parenting.  It is EXHAUSTING at every phase.

Caring for your child; loving your child and wanting the best for them is EXHAUSTING.  When your child is ordinary, it's frustrating too.  Because we want our child (or children) to be THE BEST.  But the truth is being THE BEST is rare and even those who are "THE BEST" have issues too...

But back to the parents of ordinary kids.  Your kids might be considered average/ordinary, by society, however even the average are unique and the ordinary special.  As a parent you know that.  As a parent you celebrate the successes.  Cry at the failures.  Scream at the frustrations (I confess to doing a LOT of yelling.)  Laugh when you can.  You do this all for the kid who might not get the award at the school banquet, but who is yours.

For the parents of “ordinary" children are anything but.  There is nothing average about any parent.    For the parent who's child does not get the glory, but is still there.  For the parent who pushes and supports.  The parent who PARENTS no matter what.  The parent who won't give up, even when their child tries to (or does.)   Your child might not get recognition; and you definitely won't (there is no award for parenting...period).  However, you should be applauded.  You should be cheered.  And you should be proud of your efforts.

For average, ordinary children grow up to be adults who may be average or may not be.  Being an average child does not mean an ordinary life.  And even if it does...does that really matter?  

What matters is that you love and care for you child (or children) matter what.  There's no glory; there's no fame.  There is just is.  And raising an average, ordinary human being...well that's EXTRAORDINARY.


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