June 2nd

I do not more for the loss of 7 years...which will turn into 8 and soon it will be a decade and more.

But I will not mourn the loss.

Instead I will celebrate the 39 years.  Rejoice in the time that we did have.  Be grateful that you were not just my sibling but also my friend.

That does not mean there is not sorrow.  That I wish you were here and I could share with you the good, the bad and everything in between. 

But I do not want to focus on this date.  I don't want to focus on the sad.

Because your life was NOT sad.  Your life was silly and fun.  Your face was full of smiles and that's what I will remember.
Those are things worth remembering.  Those are things that will always bring a smile.  And we all know you had a GREAT smile.

I remember your learning how to crawl.  I remember your performance as Jacque the Mouse in elementary school.  I remember you and the tuba and sousaphone.  Of your graduation from high school.  (It was SO HOT in the gym!)  Turning your room into "my closet."  Of your graduation from college. (It was SO HOT in the sun!)  My wedding....(Didn't you go skinny dipping afterwards?)  Your wedding; how was it NOT sweltering on a July day?  All those things and more.  

I may be a little sad today.  But I will also be happy with memories. Grateful for what was.  Thankful that you are my brother and friend.


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