MY Kid is a Jerk

How apropos that I wrote this last week:  and today I get an email from the school (the last FULL day of the year), regarding my son's behavior today.  Do I have to say that it’s NOT something I am proud of?  Do I have to tell you how my day took a nosedive and my stomach went up through my mouth?

But this is not about me.  It's about my son.  And although overall, I feel that he is a good kid (or at least people tell me so), today he was a total jerk.  Was it all for show?  I'm pretty sure it was.  Because we all know how mature teen boys are.  And we all know how "cool" it is to clown around.  It’s just boys being boys.

That may be the case, but it is NOT going unnoticed by me.  While acting out or being the clown may be acceptable with friends, it is NOT acceptable in the classroom or on school grounds.  My son SHOULD know that.  I'd like to say that my son DOES know that.  However it's also clear that much of what he knows (and hears) seems to be easily forgotten.

I am NOT a proud mom today.  I am an upset mom.  I am a very upset mom.

With that said, this upset mom (and dad) will have yet another sit down with our son when he gets home from school.  There WILL be consequences and there will be "punishment."  He's not going to be happy about that.  (Heck, I'M not happy about it.)  But maybe, just MAYBE, it will teach him something.  (One can hope, can't one?)

I still know that my kid is a good one. However, good kids CAN be jerks; good kids CAN do stupid things.  When he behaves poorly, there needs to be discussion and consequences.  

It's certainly NOT the way I wanted to end the school year.  I don't think it's the way HE wanted to year to end either. But...

This is part of his journey.  This is part of MY journey.  One where we celebrate the good; and work to the not so good.  The road of life is never easy or even.  And that's a lesson we all need to learn and remember.


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