The Age of Misplacing

We all do it at some point in our lives.  We all do it more than once.  And it's annoying as hell...

It's when you misplace something.  You haven't LOST it because you know it's there SOMEWHERE.  You just don't know WHERE.

I'm sitting here frustrated as HELL because I KNOW I purchased 2 Valentine's Day card in January.  I can't pinpoint the exact day, but I KNOW I did it.  I know I pulled into a parking spot right in front of the Dollar Tree. (Because that's where I get my me cheap, but that's what I do because MOST cards don't last that long.  They are enjoyed and then tossed and I'm not spending $4+ for something that is going to be tossed.  Now, if it's TRULY a special occasion, that's a different story.  But NOT all holidays call for a Hallmark moment.  Sorry that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)  It was before work because the Dollar Tree opens at 8 and I don't have to be in until 9 (and I'm pretty much always early).  I purchased a card for my husband and one for my son.  I purchased a couple of other items as well. (Which always happens when you go end up buying a few other things than what you came for because after all it's ONLY a dollar!)  Then I was on my merry way to work.  I came home that night and I put the cards away.  I may have even kept them in the Dollar Tree bag.  I'll admit I'm not sure on that.  But I put them away, knowing that in a few weeks, I'd dig them out, put a special message in each along with my signature and sneak them downstairs early in the morning of February 14th so both would find them at their respective places at the kitchen table.

All so very well planned.

Now WHERE the heck are they?  I've looked in all of the places I usually put things when I do need them right away.  I've looked by my computer desk and in all the nooks that are there where I store things.  (Much of which I should just toss, but don't.   Eventually I will.)  I've looked on my night table.  I've looked on bookshelves.  I've looked downstairs in the secretary desk that resides in my dining room.

Nope.  Not there.  

Where the hell did I put them?

I can tell you exactly where I put the chocolate treats that I purchased for my son for Valentine's Day.  (One tucked away in my nightstand.  The other that I just purchased yesterday is still in my oversized purse.)  But where are the darned cards?

You know what's going to happen, don't you?

I'm going to end up going BACK to the Dollar Tree this week.  I'm going to purchase 2 more cards.  (They may actually be the same cards; who knows if I'll remember what I purchased back in January!)  I'll write on them, I'll place them downstairs on the kitchen table and all will be well.  (Or as well as it can be in your typical and normal dysfunctional family.)  Then, sometime in the spring, the cards that I purchased back in January will suddenly reappear.  They might even be in a place that I have already search.  Or they might be in a place where I would have never put them.  But they will turn up.

I will sigh.  I will put them away somewhere else.  (If I'm smart I'll leave myself a Google note as to where they are.)  And then I can use them next year.



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