It's MY Garage

Set back and down the hill (although not ALL the way down) from my house is a smallish one car garage.  Like the house, it was built in the 1920s.  I know this because I have a photo of it from 1928 or so. (The photo above was taken today)  It almost looks the same as it did then...only a little worse for wear.  The original barn doors (which I LOVED, but were not practical) have been replaced with a sliding (up & down) door that most garages have.  Its white wood. It once had a weather vane on top of it, which was broken when it was last painted...which was in the past 20 or so years.  I only recall this because I know it was before my son was born, which means it was more than 14 years ago.

I supposed it's a typical garage.  It houses various things...including my car.  Yes, I DO park my car in the garage.  Not all the time, but most of the time.  It also houses various tools (like a broom and rake), outdoor furniture (in the cold months), and general crap. (I do mean crap...I SHOULD toss some of the stuff that is in there, but...) It is not insulated, but it keeps my car dry and relatively safe.  

It does have its challenges.  Because it is back from the house, down the hill and only one car, it can be difficult to back into.  I have clipped the side view mirror of ALL the cars I have owned at one time or another.  (Yes, even my "new" car...although it’s only a small scrap and nothing major...unlike times in the past when I have actually broken off the side view mirror.  Side view mirrors are NOT cheap to replace.)  I often debate as to whether I should put it away during a snow storm.  Sure it stays safe and dry, but then I have to shovel it out.  When there's a lot of snow, or worse, ice, getting to it can be treacherous.  

It has been repaired in its lifetime, but not recently.  Hence, there are spaces and cracks where critters can easily get in and out, if they chose to squeeze themselves in.  Of course the door is open during the day and is not always closed at night.  It is a tight fit to get my SUV in.  If I don't back it in far enough or just right, the door doesn't pull down all the way.  So it comes as no surprise that creatures might mistake it for their home. 

Recently, when I closed the garage door, a piece of "something" fell down.  At first I thought it might be some sort of insulation.  But then, the garage isn't insulated.  I didn't give it much thought.  But then Wednesday, when it was snowing, I pulled it down again and this time another piece of something and what looked like part of a black plastic bag came down.  Which makes me think some unknown creature is trying to make a nest in my garage.  (Perhaps using the opened door as its home base?)  

Whatever it is, it is NOT a small animal.  The bits that have fallen down are much too large for a bird (even an annoying crow) or small rodent.  But it must be something that likes to climb.  The rafters and the framing for the garage door are at least 9 or 10 feet high, so...

I have some smelly animal deterrent pellets/beads that I spread around the inside floor this morning.  (It would deter me...they STINK).  I am also considering getting some sort of spray.  (I'm assuming such a thing exists.)  

I am realistic enough to realize that I can't keep everything out.  But I can make the area as inhospitable as possible.  After all, it is MY garage.  The only thing I want to see parked there is MY car.  (And all the assorted crap that I need to get rid of...feel free to harp on me about that!)


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