There is no THEM...

...there is only US.  (Isn't it fitting that US is also U.S.?  UNITED States!)

We may have differing opinions.  We may have differing beliefs. But we are ALL human beings.  (Yes, I've said this a zillion times before.)  

Setting the scene so that is US vs THEM does no good; it only harms.  It only separates and divides.  And we certainly don't need more division.  We don't need to stand on separate sides of the street.  We need to come out to the center and shake hands.  We need to recognize that we are one.

It is time to stop dismissing others.  Just because they have different views than you does not make them "lesser."  While we are the same at the core; there are differences.   I may be smarter than you.  You may be more physically fit than me.  I may believe X, while you firmly believe Y.  None of this makes you better than me or vice versa. Let me repeat that:  NONE OF THIS MAKES YOU BETTER THAN ME OR VICE VERSA!  (I know I said no yelling, but are capitals really yelling or am I just trying to make a point?)  We ALL have different strengths and weaknesses.  We need to celebrate our unique strengths and work together to overcome that which is weak.

We need to listen.  We need to speak calmly and rationally. We need to hear opposing views with an open mind and heart.  Only then can we turn to our fellow human being and say:  "I hear what you say." You may not agree.  You may not understand.   But you need to honestly listen.  Then you need to ask the other person to listen to what you have to say with an open mind and heart. We need to respect and not judge.  We need to recognize that difference is valid.   Even more so we need to recognize that with differing thoughts and views, we may still have some common ground.  That is if you are strong enough and open enough to realize that this person with a view that so differs from yours is flesh and blood just like you.

Reaching out to those with opposing viewpoints can be scary. It is facing the unknown.  To be "brave" is to listen and to be willing to love.  We need to get past the pointless shouting and to ask why.  This is NOT the time to mock or make fun of ANYONE.  It is time to have a conversation.  It WHY do you believe that?  WHY do you feel that way?

We cannot force our views.  Yelling has yet to accomplish anything.  Anger may be justified, but spewing it back only begets more anger.  Anger builds on anger and then nothing can be accomplished.  Remember, you are "they" too...just from another side.  Which is why there is no them.  There is US.  You and me and the others...we all make up the human race.  We all live, eat, breath and die.  There is more similar to us than there is different, if we would only take the time to think about it.

Taking the time to think.  That's what WE all need to do more of.  We need to slow down.  To think and then speak.  Instead of lashing out, we need to be calm and centered.  ALL of US.  

I realize that this may just be a pipe dream.  But if we could TRY to listen.  TRY to realize that we are all one.  That "they" ARE us...that "we" are them.  Maybe we could start down a path of understanding.  Not agreeing, but comprehension.  A path where peace just might be a possibility.


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