My Colors of Halloween

White:  The ghost that hangs on my front door.  (Although he is getting spotty gray with mold or grime from living in the basement the rest of the year.)  If you are smart enough (or look close enough) you will see the button that when pushed makes him moan and groan and turn other colors under this white veneer.

Gray:  My son's face as her puts on make up for his film noir character.  After all film noir is always done in black and white, right?  Let's just hope that it doesn't become permanently gray. (Did I purchase enough Ponds cleansing cream to get it all off??)  And if he eats too much candy, ashen may just be what he looks and feels like for the next day or so.

Black:  The "cape" of Mr. Bones who has lived in our bushes for many a year at Halloween.  He came with a stand originally, which broke almost immediately.  Now his pole for a body is propped up among my many bushes, he's black eyes peering out from his white/gray skull.

Green:  The "shirt" portion of my costume as well as my husband's.  We are the ghost hosts of our very own haunted mansion.  All foolish mortals are welcome in to visit our home.

Teal (Blue):  The color of the pumpkin picture that will hang on my front door.  As I said above, ALL are welcome to visit on Halloween; even those with food allergies.  Treats to do have to be edible and I always have something special on hand for those who love Halloween, but not the candy.  (

Yellow:  The "eyes" that peak out from the bushes on one side of the house when they turn on at night.  The irises themselves may have been green, but the bulbs make the white glow with yellowish-hue.  (Are these eyeballs actually jaundiced?)

Orange:  The pumpkin, not carved on the one side of our front stoop and the jack o'lantern on the other.  The jack o'lantern this year was completely carved and cleaned by my son.  (No reaching in and pulling out pumpkin guts for me...HOORAH!)  Done in our backyard on a stump, there still remain the orange pumpkin "guts" that have been pulled out.  We call it pumpkin vomit!

Red:  The tree in front of our house; or even better the tree in front of my neighbor's home which is ablaze with red leaves.  Never has there been such a wondrous color.  After many weeks of nothing, the trees are alive with green, yellow, orange and the most amazing red.

Brown:  The mums that I had in front of my house which were once maroon.  With too much rain and a sudden chill/freeze they have crumbled up into brownish nubs of nothing.  I'd be sad if it didn't add some atmosphere to our "haunted" house where "spider webs" cover part of the landing and bushes (I try to ignore the giant gray/black spider that sits there with red eyes) and gray/white/translucent yellow/green skulls and bones stick out of the lawn...seemingly clawing their way to freedom.

Pink:  The color of my cheeks after being out in the cold.  I've been banished from trick or treating with my son.  (I miss it more than I will admit.)  But I will be outside during the evening, waiting for ghouls and goblins to come by and dare to venture to our front door.  We don't get many (which is a blessing and a curse), but those who dare to brave our block are always in for some Halloween fun.


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