A Saturday In Autumn

Back in August, I promised my son that we would return to Skytop in the fall to see the foliage.  We wouldn't stay for the weekend, but we could do a drive up and back in one day if he wanted.  (He DID!)  As a family we have been in the winter and summer,which are beautiful seasons.  We've never been in the spring.  We've been in the fall, but late in the season during the NJ Teacher Convention break (2nd weekend in November).  It's lovely then too...
    The problem is that most of the lovely colors are gone by that time.  So I wanted to take a day and really soak in the color.  While walking around the trails that Skytop has to offer.

This year has proven to be a challenge.  We've had much more rain than usual (which impacted our summer trip to Skytop), temperatures were mostly above normal in the fall (A/C in October in NJ?  Yes!) and have a busy schedule.  We've had plans and obligations from September 14th on.  Or it was going to rain all weekend.  (Did I mention how much rain we've been getting?)  Plus I didn't want to go too early in the season. 

And  as I said the season just hasn't been very good.  Even in my neck of the woods the colors have not really started to come out.  It's been a disappointing fall.  Hot for too long with the sudden dip where is feels like early winter and not autumn.  Autumn is my favorite season because of the warm days/cool nights and the colors (and pumpkin spice, but that's another story); this year hasn't been one that I've been able to revel in.

Finally on October 20th we had a free Saturday.  It would be overcast and cool, but no rain.  According to on line sources, we were approaching peak color in the area.  This was it!

Being mostly overcast, I knew it might get chilly in the Poconos, so I brought a heavy sweater with me.  I warned my men, but you know how guys are!  (Insert rolling eyes here.)  

The drive up was nice; especially as we passed through the Delaware Water Gap (never fails to impress me, nor should it.)  I did notice as we drove up and eventually as we arrived that the colors were not a vibrant as they usually would be during peak (or even pre-peak) season.  

It was chilly, so the guys decided to stay inside my the fireplace.  (What better place is there to be during the colder month?)  Cloudy skies were not going to stop me from a walk around the lake...even if I was going it alone.

Skies were cloudy, but then cleared, only to be cloudy again.

I'm no photographer, but you can't take a bad picture around here.  (At least not as it pertains to nature.)

I was almost around the lake when my son called and said he was headed down to walk the lake trail.  I told him I'd meet him, if he started where we usually finished. (I generally walk clockwise around the lake.)  Meanwhile, my in laws had called and let me know that they were minutes away. (They had also decided to drive up and enjoy the scenery.)  From my vantage point, I could see them drive across the bridge and pick up my son; taking him back to the lodge.  Meanwhile I finished the lake path and walked up to the lodge.

My son gave his grandparents a tour of the lodge before we tried to figure out what to do about lunch.  I had wanted to try the Tap Room because it has been recently renovated, but the place was PACKED and there was quite a list of people waiting to get in.  Then we went to the Tea Room where there was only one person manning the place.  (Which is understandable; usually it is not very busy.)  As a result, we ended upstairs in the more formal Windsor Dining room, which is less formal and is a buffet during lunch.  Everyone was good with that and I was lucky enough to find Katlyn, a server who GOT the allergy issue.  We went to the buffet together and told me about everything there.  Then she had to get me what I wanted from the kitchen.  (Because while the dining room staff might be good when it comes to dealing with cross contamination; guests are NOT. )  Because the dining room was not all that busy, we were definitely able to get some personal attention, which I very much appreciated.  

After lunch, my in laws headed home, while my son and I walked down to the Lakeview Inn and did part of the Leavitt Falls Trail.  (I have never done this trail and it's marked as very challenging so I would like to do this as part of a group lead by the lodge's naturalist.)  It was beautiful, but I knew that we needed to get back home.  I kept saying we'd just go to x spot and then stop.  But when I got there, I'd want to go just a little farther.  Maybe some of these photos will do the trail justice and explain why I was reluctant to head back.

 But head home, we must and we did; reluctantly.  At least I know we'll be back in a few weeks for 3 day weekend.  I'm already hoping for some good weather and the chance to take in some more trails.  For as many as I have done, there are plenty more to try and with the ever changing natural beauty doing the same trail numerous times is never the same.


  1. Beautiful photos. We too have had a disappointing Fall. Almost no color and it went from 90 to 50 very quickly. Much needed rain coming today/tomorrow. Headed to a Fall Festival (finally) on Saturday (weather permitting.)


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