You Can't Change The Past

The past is past.  History.  Over.  Done.  Unless you have miraculously invented/created a time machine by which you are able to go back in time and attempt to "correct" something that has happened (I really don't think that is happening), the PAST is PAST.  You can whine about it.  You can bitch about it.  You can reflect upon it.  You can celebrate it. But it's the PAST.  It is history.  It is gone.  You cannot change it.  (You CAN distort it for your own purposes, but you cannot change it.)

Change is something that you can do in the present or in the future. Change is a work in progress.   Change is something we can work toward; not something we can think of in the past tense.

 If you don't like the way things went in the past, then you need to act so that history doesn't repeat itself.  (Because things tend to stay the way they are unless someone or something implements change for the future.)  If you are not happy with the history you see, then you need to learn from it. From there you can work to change how things might to in the future.

If you ARE happy with the past, than you need learn from it too.  Why? Because no matter how "good" the past may be in your view, there will always be someone who yearns for something different.  You need to know your history to keep your history.  You also might be surprised to find that what you thought of the past/history could change when you learn more about it.  Digging deep into the past, we sometimes find that life was not as rosy as we would like to remember.  Know your history; whether you want things to change or not. Learn from  history.  LEARN from YOUR history.  

Change is something we need to work towards.  It is forward moving, not backward.  If we crave change, we need to learn from the past, but not focus on it.  The future is ours to shape.  How we chose to shape it depends on what we envision.  What the future could bring depends on what and how we work.  Change is something we make.  It requires action.  It is not necessarily an easy path.  It should be one that we are passionate about, otherwise, why should we even consider change?

The United States was formed by change.  Our forefathers felt change was warranted.  They learned from the past and the chose to move forward.  Not an easy choice; not a pretty choice, and certainly not a perfect choice, but they decided that change was necessary.  They couldn't change what was in their past, but they could and DID act so that the path of the country was changed.  Our history exists because of their willingness to move forward; to change.

What's past is past.  Learn from it and move on.  Move on and don't be afraid.  Because of if you don't like the change you make, you can always change again.  And again.  And again.  


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