See What Happens...

...when we focus on what really matters and forget about colors, races, nationalities, etc.?

We as a WORLD (not as a country, nation, state, etc.) can rejoice that all of the boys and their coach who were trapped in the cave in Thailand have been rescued.

This was the result of people working TOGETHER.   People from all over the world focusing on a common goal.  And look what happened!  We could call it a miracle and perhaps it is.  But is the miracle JUST that all came out alive or is the miracle that people from ALL walks of life worked towards a common goal?

Does it matter if a rescue worker was dark skinned or light?  Does it matter if a rescue worker was Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist or whatever?  Does it matter of a rescue worker was a man or a woman?  Did you really think about those things while the efforts were going on?  Do you think the parents, relative and friends of these boys really cared?

What really mattered is that people worked together.  They focused on the task at hand.  They had one common goal.  And the only reason they were able to achieve it and save those boys is because they didn't worry about the unimportant things.  The lives of 13 people were at stake.  Getting them out safely was the important thing.

Certainly it wasn't any easy task.  From all the news reports it sounds terrifying.  Weren't all of our hearts open to those involved?  Didn't we all WANT to do something?  Were we praying for those involved?  We were (and are we) ready to help out in whatever way we could?  Weren't we all thinking, "What if that were my kid?"

What if it HAD been your kid?  Would you care what nationality the rescue workers were?  Would you care if they were Republican and you are a Democrat?  Would it matter if they were bisexual?  I would think not...what you WOULD care about is what was being done.  What was the plan and how was it being carried out in the safest and quickest way.

Because all of that "stuff" really doesn't matter.  

What matters is putting all the nonsensical BS aside and getting the job done.  

When it comes to life and death situations, what matters is that EVERYONE, no matter who they are, works together.  And when we do, miracles CAN happen.  Miracles DO happen.

There should be joy in the air today around the world.  Lives that were once thought to be lost have been saved.  They have been saved because the world cared. 

Imagine what we CAN do if we were able to put aside our differences and work on other global issues... (I know we are NEVER going to agree on everything, but...)  What if we could agree on an issue (whatever that issue may be) and worked together.  What a world we could have...


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