Dangerous "A"s

There are two very dangerous A words and in my opinion they are Apathy and Anger.  These words and feelings are all too common in our society today and I feel a large part of the problems that we face.

Apathy;  it doesn't sound dangerous.  Doing nothing; feeling nothing.   Who wants to feel? This is  so understandable in our world where we are constantly bombarded with bad news and horror stories.  It can make us feel weak and helpless.  We want to be numbed from it. We DO become numb.  Apathy can easily set it.  Why try when nothing seems to change?  Nothing seems worth the effort.  Apathy guarantees that nothing will change.  We need to work through apathy (and yes it IS work) and give ourselves permission to feel and care.  Deadening ourselves to emotion hurts us and those around us. Then we need to USE our feelings in productive and creative manner.  

Anger; it seems to fill the air.  It's frightening. I am not saying people should not be angry.  Far from it.  Turn on the news; how can you NOT be angry?  But intense anger is damaging.  It is damaging to your health.  It can be damaging to your family and relationships.  Again, I understand the anger, but we need to vent it with care and then let it go.  Being angry at the world does not change the world.  Being angry at people and yelling and calling them names does not change the world (or change the opinions of others.)  Anger can be destructive and self defeating.  If we can move past the anger; then change can take place.  Again, I am not saying, don't be angry.  DO be angry.  Privately let vent that anger. Then come up with a creative plan of action.  A pushing and shouting match is not productive.  Agreeing to get past our anger and making the mature decision to speak from the heart with love and to listen with an open mind CAN help change things.

But then there is the GREAT "A:"  ACTION.  Doing something.  Creating something.  Being something.  CHANGING something...

By avoiding the dangerous "A" and instead becoming part of the GREAT A we can make a difference!   Maybe for one person; maybe for the world!


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