What Does This Mean To You?

Have you ever read these words?  Really read them? (I'm totally serious here!)


It's the Declaration of Independence as we know it.

Have you ever read this?


It is the draft showing what Jefferson wrote and what Congress changed.  Jefferson may have written the declaration, but the body of Congress necessitated changes.  There was debate. There were arguments. Changes were made.

And thus the Declaration of Independence was born.

Read it today as we celebrate our independence.  What do those words mean to you? Do they mean anything?  Do they have relevance in our world today?

Would you, like our forefathers, "pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor?"  Should our current Congress and elected leaders?

As we celebrate our independence today; take a few minutes to read our Declaration.  That, more than fireworks and barbeques, reminds us what this day is truly about.


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