Welcome To Spring

So here it is:  SPRING.  Finally!  Spring!

You may recall my earlier weather post:  https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2018/03/the-roaring-lion.html.  If only I knew that it wasn't the end, but the beginning!

We are on day 21 on the month.  We are one day into spring.  We are on our 4th (YES 4th!) Nor'easter.  We've had more snow in the past 21 days than we've had ALL winter long.  Shall we recap?

March 1st:  First Nor'easter which was supposed to be just wind and rain.  Turned into wind, rain, sleet, ice and some snow.  Not too much accumulation (the kid had school), but treachorous just the same.

March 7th & 8th:  Second Nor'easter which dumped over two feet of snow on our area.  HEAVY, WET SNOW!  State of Emergency was issued on Tuesday night which continued into early Thursday. Took three of us nearly 2 hours to clean our walkways and driveway.  And that was BEFORE the snow stopped.  So we had to do some cleaning the next day because the snow did not stop until late Wednesday night.  Tree limbs were falling, wires were breaking.  (And catching fire!  While we were out shoveling Wednesday night we could see the sky turning orange in the west.  It was almost like lightening, but not quite.  Turns out a downed wire had caught on fire about 1/2 a mile away.  It was beautiful and frightening at the same time.)

March 13th:  3rd Nor'easter which pretty much missed us but killed our friends in New England.  We got enough snow to add insult to injury.  But third time's the charm right?  No more right????


March 21st:  Here we are.  #4.

What can I say?

Words fail.

So here's a picture (or two)...

Happy Spring!


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