The Roaring Lion...

You know the old saying "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb"?  I'm not sure where the phrase started, but it often seems true.  When March begins it's still winter and by the time it's over, we've entered spring.

We're not very far into the month, but to me it seems like the March lion is roaring and pouncing!  At least that's what I see for my section of the world (that would be the northeast).  We were just two days into it when we got slammed with a Nor'easter.  I thought that meant wind and rain (based on the information I'd gotten BEFORE Friday), but it turned out that it was wind, rain, ice, and snow.  In other words, a couple mess.  (Actually I could use more descriptive terminology, but I'm trying to keep things family friendly for the moment!)  I was on the fence about driving into work that morning (if you're from North Jersey, you know what a horror show Route 3 can be in the rain) until I drove my son and his friend to school that morning.  When I pulled out of the garage at 7:26 it was raining.  When my son got in the car the rain was turning to sleet.  When we picked up his friend, it was sleeting quite hard.  By the time I got home ice was building up on the perimeter of my windshield.  As a result I decided to bag the commute (thank GOD for technology and being able to work remotely and for a boss and company that understands that!) and put the car in the garage.  Seven and a half hours later when I went to pick up the boy, I had to use an ice scraper as a cane/crutch to get down the hill to the garage as the drive way was a mess of ice and slush with the wind whipping around me.

Miraculously, we didn't lose power (although a text message from PSE&G informed us that they knew of an outage in our area and were working to get it fixed) and the next day it was warm and sunny enough for the snow and ice to melt away.  (Although warm is a relative word.)

But now word is out that we are going to get yet ANOTHER Nor'easter on Wednesday!  Less than a week later!  (Seriously Mother Nature, what ARE you thinking.)  The predictions on inches of snow vary widely:  maybe only an inch or maybe over a foot.  The only thing that is solid is that Wednesday is going to be a total mess no matter what.  Talk about a roaring lion!

While I'm complaining (and why shouldn't I?), there are a whole lot of people who STILL haven't gotten their power restored and with this next storm bearing down on us, it looks like they won't get it until AFTER that one comes through.  (I don't even want to think about what might come after that it's too scary of a proposition.)  

So even though we're only in the beginning of the month, I'm ready for the lion to move on and turn the weather over to the lamb.  We need some gentler, kinder SPRING-LIKE weather.  (Maybe with a side of mint jelly?? Am I the only leg of lamb devotee out there?)

I'll be battening down the hatches and waiting...


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