Where are the Signs?

We are finally in the home stretch of this thing called "election season."  (Seems to me that this "season" has been going on for years and year!)  Soon we will be heading to the polls and making our choices.  Shortly thereafter (hopefully) this whole dreadful mess will be over and we will have a new president. (Although not officially until January.)

I think for none of us can it come too soon.  Maybe I just speak for myself, but I have not much feeling of excitement when it comes to this election.  Like many I have a sense of dread.  And a sense of the ridiculous.  How did we get to this place?

I get the feeling that many are passionless when it come to the candidates.  (Not all...because I see plenty of "shouting and screaming" from both sides of the fence on social media.)  Nowhere is that more obvious to me that in the signs that usually flood the neighborhood front lawns.  Or should I say lack of signs.  Driving around the local communities I see very few signs for either political party. The only place I have seen a proliferation of political signs is in the town where I work and those signs are not for a particular party candidate but for an issue on the local ballot.  There is obvious passion there as the yellow and red signs line many of the streets I drive on and by.  But when it comes to the national and even local candidates, the signs are few and far between no matter where I drive.

The lack of signs speaks volumes to me.  This has been an exhausting and ugly race.  I am tired of it.  I'm guessing so are many others.  The candidates do not give us that feeling of pride.  There is too much mud, with no "clean" candidate for either party.  I can say for myself, at this point, neither major political party candidate speaks to or for me.  I am shamed by things that both of the Presidential candidates have done in the past AND in the present.  Neither I feel is an exemplary role model for my child.

I would like to be proud of the candidate that I vote for.  I would like to feel confident that he or she will do what's best for the country/the state/the town.  I don't have to agree with him or her on every single point; differences on topics should be discussed and respected.  None of this have I seen in this go round.

Still I am hopeful.  Hopeful that whoever wins the respective races will do the right thing.  (Once again, I'd like to point out that there are more than two major parties in these races. And that for many of us, we are not just going into a voting booth to elect a president, but senators, representatives, mayors, etc.  all of which are important.  All of which need your consideration before you cast your ballot.)

America is supposed to be a country of hope.  As for me, I hope that once "this" is all over, our government can actually DO something.  Can even, perhaps, reach across the lines to each other to accomplish goals.  To be sappy, and quote John Lennon, "You may say I'm a dreamer..."  And maybe then we'd see those lawn signs again.


  1. I also am SO ready for it to be over. I'm tired of hearing about it non-stop it does seem like for the last two years. I'm not super excited about the choices but feel like I am making the right choice for my family.

    As far as the signs go...Leslie wanted to put up a sign amd after hearing of people's houses and cars being vandalized because of their choice of candidate I wouldn't let him. A shame really.

    Driving through the more rural mountain counties a couple weeks ago I saw a LOT more signs.


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