I Hope You Vote...

It's officially the day.  (Although I suspect that it won't be over soon.)  Many have already voted (thanks to early voting opportunities, absentee ballots, etc.)  But if you haven't already, I hope today you will vote.

I hope you won't vote for Hilary Clinton because of George Clooney or Meryl Streep.  I hope you won't vote for Donald Trump because of Tom Brady or Clint Eastwood.  Celebrities, like everyone else, are entitled to their opinions.  But I hope you won't vote for one candidate or another because of a celebrity endorsement.

I hope you vote.  And I hope you vote for the person YOU feel will be the best person to lead our country.  It doesn't matter what I think or anyone else thinks.  This is YOUR decision.  You should make it as wisely as you can.  Hopefully you've done some homework and that you've made your decision based on a variety of sources; and not just because this person said this or that network said that.  Hopefully you've looked at the big picture and made an informed choice.  Remember, you're NOT going to agree on every point with ANY candidate.  And now you are ready to get out there and do what you must do.

While the Presidential election has gotten the most press, remember that there are senators, representatives, council people, school board members, etc. that need your consideration and vote as well.  Your vote for the 'little guy" (or gal) counts too.  We don't just need a good commander in chief, we need good leaders in all aspects of public life.  We need people on our school boards, on our town councils, in our state legislator, etc. that align with what we the people want and need.  Who will best lead your town?  Your vote is needed there as well.

There are also referendums, initiatives, amendments and other points of policy that need your vote. How do you feel about Proposition A?  Is referendum B a bad idea? Your opinion matters.  Your decision can bring about change (or halt it).

I'm not telling you how to vote.  Too many people spend too much time nattering on about that. Inform yourself as best you can.  (Remember there are two sides of every coin.)  Then get out there and vote as YOU think you should.  (Not how ANYONE else tells you.)  Who or what do you agree with the most?  Think about it.  Seriously think about it.  Then cast your vote.

The opportunity to cast your vote is not one that should be taken lightly.  It is a serious responsibility that we undertake.  Do not shirk that responsibility.  Arm yourself with knowledge and go out there and vote.  


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