What State is This?

It's New Jersey.  Delaware's on the bottom, Pennsylvania's on the left, New York's (the State) is the on the top and the Atlantic Ocean is on the right.  This is New Jersey.

And this weekend there is a big game going on here.  You may have heard about it. It's called the Super Bowl.

I am the first one to admit that I don't know too much about the Super Bowl.  I "kinda sorta" know what teams are playing.  I know some guy named Bruno Mars will be performing during half time (which may or may not actually be "half" the way through the game when it comes to time).  I know that the National Anthem will be sung by Renee Fleming.  But most important of all, I KNOW that this game is being played in New Jersey.

Many people don't seem to know this.  I'm not sure why.

This Super Bowl Game is being played in MetLife Stadium.  MetLife Stadium is in East Rutherford, New Jersey.   It's the home turf of the New York Giants as well as the New York Jets, which might part of the confusion.  Although both of these teams have "New York" in front of their names, when they play a "home" game, they are actually playing in East Rutherford, NJ.  (Which is right off Route 3 and an easily accessible from the New Jersey Turnpike.)

So just to clarify, even though there is a lot of brouhaha going in the New York City, the Super Bowl is being played in New Jersey.

This is not to denigrate New York in any way.  New York has lots of fine stadiums.  There is Yankee Stadium (that's in the Bronx),  Citi Field (that's in Flushing) and of course one of the most famous of all which is actually in New York City proper, Madison Square Garden.  These are great places.  They are all in the great state of New York.

MetLife Stadium is not in New York.  MetLife Stadium is in New Jersey.  And it is in New Jersey where the 48th annual Superbowl will be played this year.

No matter what you hear, or where you hear it, know that in 2014 the Superbowl was played in East Rutherford, New Jersey.


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