Slow Down...Sick Kid

I had been planning to make today (Sunday) a slow down do much of nothing day.  With all the running around I (and the rest of the family) always seem to be doing, I thought it was about time we just took a Sunday off.  A day of doing nothing.

The plan was solidified at 3:30 this morning.  That's when my son wandered into our bed room and said his head hurt.

I know I am very lucky.  It is rare that he does not sleep through the night.  It is also rare that he gets sick. That also might be why when he does, I'm on high alert.  I had him climb into bed with us, while my husband felt his forehead.  We didn't even both with the digital thermometer at that hour...he was hot.  And although he doesn't get sick often (again, I thank God for that), when he does he usually follows a pattern of a headache and fever.  So it was off to the bathroom for a dose of ibuprofen and a glass of cool water.

The television went on for a couple of hours (even with a multitude of child centric stations, there really wasn't much on at that hour).  He watched whatever we found; I tried to sleep.  After an hour or so, I tried to get him to go back to bed and sleep.  But it was no go.  And I was okay with that.  When my child is sick I want him close by.  And although I don't want germs and I don't want to get sick, I'm happy to overlook all that if it means a cuddle from him.  (As he gets older the seems to get further and further apart).

Eventually, I did turn off the TV and get him back to sleep.  The whole family curled up in a Queen sized bed is not the most comfortable of things, but it is the most comforting of things.  (Although I will admit that I wish we had a bedroom/house that was big enough to house a King bed.)

I got up an hour later; my husband followed maybe 45 minutes after that.  The boy slept on for several more hours.  Which I know is exactly what he needed.

When he woke up, he was better, though still sick.  So, as planned, we as a family had to have a slow day.  A day where we curl up on our bed and watch movies and just relax.  A true family day where we all cuddle and just rest.

While I don't want a sick kid (who does?), I am grateful for the time that I have today to spend with my son.  (Especially grateful that this happened on a Sunday so that I could be home).  I am hopeful that like with colds of the past, this will quickly fade away and by tomorrow (or the next day at the latest), he will be up and his normal rambunctious self.  (And I will do my best to remember how grateful I SHOULD be that he is just that after a day of listlessness).

So it is Slow Down Sunday.  Rest, relax and hopefully get healthy.  And maybe next time we do this, we won't have a sick kid.


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