No More Birthday Cakes

Last June, for the first time in my life, I had a "real" birthday cake.  Don't get me wrong, my mother tried to make me cakes, but with my egg allergies, they just didn't work out.  I had plenty of other birthday treats, but an actual cake was something that didn't pan out.  (Even when I tried to make a cake myself with egg replacer, it just didn't cut the mustard).

Then last year my husband bought me a cake from a relatively new vegan bakery in town.  It was delicious and I was so thrilled about it that I devoted a blog post to it.  (

My husband took photos.  He said it was like looking at a child on Christmas morning.  It was a delicious, if fattening, celebration.

Sadly, that will be my last birthday cake.  When I was driving by Pink Frosting Bakery over the past several weeks I noticed that they were not open.  And then, on Saturday, I noticed a real estate "retail space" sign in the window.  I did some more research and:

It truly is a sad day for me (and I'm sure for all of the staff at the bakery).  I loved being able to finally enjoy baked goodies that really "felt" like cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

I'd like to thank Pink Frosting for the year that they gave me.  For providing me with a birthday cake.  For introducing me to Red Velvet cupcakes.  For all the delicious cupcakes that I had the pleasure of trying.  It was wonderful.

But it wasn't JUST about the food (although that was a BIG part of it).  Everyone there was so kind and helpful.  Service like that is rare...and will be even rarer now that Pink Frosting is no more.

I don't know why they closed, but I do know it wasn't because of excellent baked goods or even better service.

Pink Frosting are greatly missed by me, by my family and I'm sure by the allergy community at large.  Thank you for providing us, if only for a little while, a sense of "normal' when it came to baked goods.


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