The Little Things...

It's Thanksgiving and we're all thankful for what we have.  It goes without saying (or at least it should) that I am thankful for my family and friends, for my home (even though I may complain about how small it is and all the things that need fixing; I have a place that keeps me warm and dry), my job (though only part time will grow into something even better than it already is) and my health and good health of all those I love.

But there are so many little things that I am grateful for.  Things that seem inconsequential on the surface, but in reality are so much more.

For example, a friend of mine posted that she was off to work this morning.  She is a nurse.  I happen to have several friends who are nurses or in the medical field.  For those that have to work today, I am thankful that they are there for the people who need them.  For those who finally have the day off, I am thankful that after years of work that they can spend the holiday at home with family. And mostly I am thankful  that I DON"T need their skills today, but know that they are out there helping so many people in so many ways that they are not even aware of.

Just a few weeks ago my family was able to go on a three day weekend to the Poconos and stay at Skytop Lodge (where I have been vacationing on and off since I was 6 months old).  As always the staff was wonderful and I am thankful that I was able to spend time there.  But I am especially thankful for someone who I'm assuming must be working today...his name is Major and he took exceedingly good care of me in the dining room.  As many of you know I have life threatening good allergies which makes dining out next to impossible.  But Major made it his mission to keep me safe.  That kind of care and consideration is something I am ALWAYS thankful for.

And while we are on the subject of food...I am thankful for Pink Frosting Bakery, a vegan bakery which makes delicious cupcakes and cakes. Because of them this year I had my very first birthday cake that was really a cake.

I'm also thankful that Pillsbury still makes cinnamon rolls that don't have eggs in them...again a small thing, but waking up and having cinnamon rolls and coffee with my family on Thanksgiving is a tradition that I don't want to change.

I'm thankful for considerate neighbors.  I have many.  Over the years when I have needed help (breaking through ice, emergency babysitting and so much more), there have been some very special people who have been there.  I hope I am as good a neighbor to them as they are to me.

As I sit here and write, my list just seems to grow.  New thoughts of gratitude and thankfulness keep popping in just as I think I am done with what I have to write.  There are so many people that have bettered my life that I am thankful for.  Some who are still in my life and some who only flitted in and out.

As this blog is getting far too long and incoherent, I'll just end this now with a big THANK YOU to all.  I am blessed by the fact that I could go on and on writing.  I am blessed that there are so many things, big and little to be thankful for not just this day but every day.


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