Election Day 2013

It's just after six here on the east coast as I type this.  The polls are open!  Yes, this is my friendly reminder to get out there and vote.  It (usually) only takes a couple of minutes to do and every vote really does count.  (Just ask the guy who ran for our town council and lost by one vote!  It's true.  And what's better is how gracious he was about it...no contesting, no whining just a public congratulations to the winners.  Now if only EVERYONE would be that gracious).

I could go into a long wide speech about how important it is.  How this is a sacred right that our forefathers fought for.  But the fact is, you should know that already.  (And if you don't you should re-read your history book...or at least Google!)

This is a chance for your voice to be heard.  No matter how small.  There may not be much we can do to influence the system, but this is the one thing we CAN do.  Small steps bring forth great things.

So take that small step today.  Vote!  (I especially say this to women as back in the early part of the last century our foreMOTHERS fought long and hard to obtain the right to vote.  It wasn't pretty...and it definitely wasn't easy.  Again, if you don't know the story, Google!  And don't let your female ancestors down.  Do them proud!)

Then go out and enjoy the beautiful of this autumn day knowing that you have done your civic duty.  And you helped make a difference in our world by just casting one simple vote.


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