Thanksgiving Eve and I Am Thankful

Thanksgiving is less than 24 hours away.  And I know that I have a lot to be thankful for.  I will count my multitude of blessing tomorrow as my small, but wonderful family gathers around my dining room table (the same table which generations before me gathered) for an unconventional, but delicious meal.  (Unconventional because my allergy to poultry means that no turkey will roast in the house and my extremely picky son will take a few forced bites of what is served and will then feast on the special Jello that always graces our holiday table.)

Tonight I am thankful for one seemingly small and simple thing; a friendship that is fueled by Facebook that made my evening easier and cleaner.

Let me backtrack to last Thanksgiving Eve (or maybe it was Thanksgiving morning...I honestly don't remember which is was) when I went to make my Frozen German Sweet Chocolate Pie.  I make this simple recipe (just Google it) pretty much every Thanksgiving (and most every other holiday too).  It's better if I make it the night before which is why I'm thinking that's when I did it last year, but...

I grabbed the first bowl in my cupboard and added all the ingredients.  I grabbed my little electric mixer and turned it on.  The mixture splattered EVERYWHERE.  Now this was not a total disaster, but it was a pain in the you know what.  And it was a lesson to me to always use a deep bowl when mixing.  A lesson I was pretty sure I would forget when the holiday came around again.  

Like many, I posted about my mess on Facebook.  (I'm not afraid to showcase my folly.)  A friend saw my post and told me she would remind me when Thanksgiving came around again.

Sure enough, just a few days into the month , I got a Facebook message which said:  "I have a cryptic note on my calendar in two weeks that I think says "Remind Beth S pie." There's one in December too. Am I reminding you to bake pie???" I didn't know why she was reminding me about the pie, but I was happy to her and I did put the ingredients on my shopping list. And then just two days ago I got a Facebook message  AND an email (in case I missed one),  which said:  "Make the pie and USE THE LARGE BOWL! That's what was important!"

I am so touched that she put that on her calendar and reminded me not only to get the ingredients for the pie, but to use a bigger bowl so that I wouldn't have another mess.

Now I have only met this special lady once.  She is the mother of a friend of mine (who I rarely get to see since she is in Georgia and I am in New Jersey).  We have only met face to face once.  (I think it only qualifies as husband and I were vacationing in Disney World and she and her husband and my friend [her daughter...getting confusing enough yet?] were there as well.  We spent a couple of days having fun and eating some delicious meals.  This was 13 years ago and since she and her husband now reside in Arizona we haven't had the chance to see each other since.)  Yet, she took the time to read my post last year, make a note of it in her calendar and remind me a year later.  Simple and yet extremely thoughtful and touching.

So while I am thankful for so many things, tonight I am extremely grateful for the thoughtfulness of one wonderful woman who I call "Lady Beth".  Thank You Lady Beth.  You've made my Thanksgiving Eve a much simpler and cleaner night.  And you've reminded me that simple kindness can make a big difference.


  1. From one Lady Beth to another, I am thankful for you as well. You have persevered and kept your chin up thru another challenging year and I'm proud of you! This is so sweet and I am humbled. Even tho I remember YOU all year, I did use my Outlook calendar to put the part in about the bowl. If you think of me each year when you get out the BIG bowl, then I will be smiling forever! Love you!


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