Rainy Days and Mondays...

...always bring me down.

Well, maybe not always.  But today is Monday and this weather is definitely bringing me down.

It's hot...when I do housework and run around.

It's cold...when I sit at my computer and type.

It's damp...everything in my house feels sticky and icky.

The sun is out...for the next 30 seconds.

It's raining...but now it's stopped.

It's windy...yes, there goes another one of my Halloween decorations.  (I've already taken down two and much to my son's chagrin, have not put up the new ones he talked my father into buy over the weekend.)

There are tropical storm and hurricane warnings in the south of the country...but up here we have a tornado warning.

It's really not all that much to complain about.  But it being a Monday and all...I'm giving myself (and anyone crazy enough to read this) the chance to bitch and moan.  For just this rainy day and Monday.


  1. It's now Wednesday, I'm behind. Wish you were a little closer, I might get you to do some part time work for me. I haven't had time to notice the weather because I'm too busy. Actually that's a lie, Saturday was HOT HOT and then it rained Sunday and the last couple days have been lovely. Hope your weather is better and luckily it's no longer Monday ;)


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