I Think God Made A Mistake...

Not a big mistake in the scheme of things.  After all is pretty much infallible.   He/She created the earth and called it good right?  (No religious or theological arguments here...thank you very much).  However I do have a small bone to pick.  And it's a smelly one.

Yes, I think God made a mistake when he/she created (or allowed the creation of) stinkbugs.

Ok, so this is not a very serious topic.  And perhaps it wasn't even a mistake that God made.  Maybe there is some wonderful reason why stinkbugs exist in the world.  As a mere mortal, I just can't figure out why.

It's that time of the year when they come creeping out and are suddenly in my house.  I used to get the house treated...although the pest company made no guarantees.  This year finances are a little tight, so I had to forgo it.  I really don't know if there are more or less than usual, but they are out and about.  But most importantly, they creep me out!

They mysteriously appear in my home.  They make strange noises when I turn out the light at night.  I hear that fluttering sound, turn on the light, and search the room.  There is the farthest corner (where I can't reach) is that gross little brown body.  And I can't just throw a shoe and try and squish the gross thing because then you have the problem of the stink.

When I can reach them (too often I find them on the INSIDE of the screens of my windows), I try to grab them with a tissue and then quickly flush them down the toilet.  But those little buggers latch on to the screens and then I end up squishing them.  What comes next?  The stink!

But worst of all is that I'm getting paranoid.  Out of the corner of my eye I see something.  Is it a stinkbug?  That mark on the wall, that fold in the curtain; is that a stinkbug or just a shadow?  Even when they are not there, I am seeing them.

So, in my opinion, God made a mistake when it came to creating stinkbugs.  I wish he/she would just make them go away.  But since that is not going to happen, I'll just have to wait for a good cold snap and let the smelly things freeze to death.  (Now there's a gross image!).  And at night I'll try to sleep and not imagine the shadows in the corner is yet another stinkbug!


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