Spring Break

In my town, this week marks Spring Break.  And it seems to me that most of my town is currently in Florida!  (Or more, specifically Walt Disney World.  But you would be thieves, beware, our local police are doing their usual great job of patrolling the area).  My drive time through town has been cut in half and the usual and the line of people at my favorite bagel place is non existent.

This year, there is no Spring Break for me.  Unless you consider the fact that I can get out of the house quicker (since I don't have to get a little boy and his father up and moving and feed one of them breakfast -- you can guess which one).  And, as I said, the commute is faster (at least through town...it is obvious that other towns in the area are  not on our schedule as the traffic by another town's high school is just as crazy as always).  And I could use a Spring Break...honestly, I could just use some spring.

The calendar tells me that is is the end of April, but here on the East Coast it still feels like early March.  (I have no comment for those suffering in the Midwest...or as I've come to call it:  "The area of never ending winter").  We've had one or two warm days, but for the most part, I'm still wearing the warm clothes (although I've forced myself to stop wearing my winter uniform of a sweater over a turtleneck...just can't do it after the calendar tells me that spring is supposed to be here).  My furnace kicks on every morning at 6:30 and I have the car  heater blasting as I drive in.  (Although it never gets quite warm enough for me.  My next car is going to have heated seats...I no longer consider it a luxury but a necessity for my frozen tush).  A few brave flowers have poked their heads out and the trees are trying to bloom.  (They were fooled by the few warm days that we had and then quickly disappeared).

I need some spring!  I want to pull out those pastel colors and wear them.  I want pedicured toes to peek out of sandals.  I want to open my windows and let the breeze in (along with the pollen, which I could do without, but that's a whole other story).  It's SUPPOSED to be spring, let's feel it!

So Mother Nature, if you're listening (or reading), I am ready for my Spring Break.


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