Bfth Bobs Her Hair

I never thought I'd be a model and I never really will be, but last I volunteered to be one at Anthony Roberts Salon. (  Some may know Anthony and his staff from the reality series Jerseylicious, but I go way back with Anthony.  Before he was a reality tv star and before he had his own salon!

The fantastic Jeff Greenfield put word out that he was looking for a model to do a bob on.  Now since Jeff usually cuts my hair, how could I say no???  So after work it was off to the salon (now conveniently located in Verona's 7-11 Plaza which is walking distance from my house) and a new experience.

If I thought I was going to be the star of the  night, I was VERY wrong.  There were a half dozen or so other "models" all of whom were going to be "bobbed" by staff members.

We all sat and waited while the stylists were given some specific training by the "teacher" of the evening, Nicole.  Then we were escorted to our "chairs," our hair accessed (although Jeff knows me so he didn't have to do much of that).  Then we had our hair washed.  (The most relaxing  part of the evening.  Jeff does a great shampoo.)  Finally it was cutting time.

Since I had the shortest and thinnest hair, and since Jeff knows me, I was done before most of the others.  With that said, it still took nearly an hour and a half.  And since I'd already put in a 10 hour work day (not including commute and wait time at the salon), I was beat!  (And hungry for dinner!)  I would have not liked to have been the lady with the LONG, THICK hair!

I wasn't sure I was going to like the bob, but I trust Jeff and I have to say I was really happy with the results. My hair looked full and my face looked thinner (always a good thing).  Even after a long day, I looked pretty darned good.  (No photos, so you'll just have to take my word for it).

Of course this morning it doesn't look half as good as I tried to style it myself.  It always takes me a couple of days after a hair cut to get into the groove.  I think my hair looks good, but not as good as last night.

I'm always pleased with the results at Anthony Roberts Salon and a cut and color (am I actually admitting that I get highlights and am NOT that naturally blond as I once was?).  And I adore Jeff not just because he gives me great hair, but because he has a wonderful personality and I always feel good when I'm in his chair. And while I left home yesterday morning, I didn't intend on being at the salon for about 2 hours it was worth it.  A free cut, an evening with Jeff, Anthony and the rest of the staff at Anthony Roberts Salon and great hair...not a bad way to end the day! And when I go back for my next cut, I think I'll be "bobbing" again! :)


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