It's Monday Morning Again

So after years of saying I should try my hand at blogging, I have finally started.  It took a Michael Nesmith concert to kick my butt into gear (The concert was so good I just had to write about it.  And while I posted it on FB, I wanted to do more).  So here I am...

As for the name of this blog...well...many years ago I was at a work event and we were making bead bracelets with our names on them.  I was late in the game and they ran out of "E"s.  So my bracelet read:  BFTH.  And as for the boring part...I'm  just your average person.  Not much thrilling in my work days are up early, work, go home and be with the family and off to bed.  Boring, right???

Any way, I have no idea exactly what I'm getting myself into here or doing, so if you are reading this, bear with me.  (Is anyone reading this or am I just indulging myself and thinking that I am doing more than just laying down words on what once would have been a piece of paper in a notebook.  And I have LOTS of notebooks hidden away in a container in my basement full of pre-teen, teen and early adulthood angst and bad fan fiction.  As embarrassed as I may be of those writings, I still can't bear to shred or burn them).

It's Monday; it's spring...let the week and my attempt at blogging begin!


  1. I think I have MY copy of some of that bad fan fiction, lol!

    Not boring -- I look forward to reading your fabulous blog! :)

  2. I had a blog. I stopped, partly because nobody read it, partly because I got busy. I thought about starting again...still haven't though. Good luck :)


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