Cast Your Vote!

 Or maybe you already have with the advent of early voting, which I have done in the past, but this year I have decided to cast my ballot in person on Tuesday.  Not at the early hour that I used to, because I have to catch a bus before 7, but when I get off the bus on Tuesday evening, I will NOT be going home, but to my district's voting location and do what everyone who is eligible SHOULD do, vote for the candidates that I feel will do the best job.

Whoever you intend to vote for and for whatever position that might be (Senator, mayor, councilperson, etc.) I HOPE that you have done some research.  (PLEASE tell me you have.)  Even if it's just checking out a candidate's  website (if they have one and they SHOULD have SOMETHING, even if it's just a social media page).  Know who the people behind the names are and what they (profess to) stand for.  It shouldn't be hard.  (And if it is, that should raise a red flag.  It's raised a red flag for me more than once.)

Living in a small town, people I know often run for local positions.  Friendship actually makes it more difficult, because I can't vote for friends just because they are friends.  (Even though I may want to.)  There MUST be something more.  I have voted FOR people I like; I vote "against" (for lack of a better term) people I like.  When someone I know runs for whatever position, I need to dig deeper.  I can't simply rely on the fact that I like someone to vote for them.  I HAVE to vote for the person who in my mind is right for the job.   I have to go the extra mile  to make sure that I am voting for the right candidate; not for a friend.

When it comes to local politics, I feel the need to really know what each candidate represents.  These are the people who live in my town and will help shape what the town will be.   Living in a small town, this is key.  In the past, I've asked question via email of council candidates.  While I can't tell you who I voted for in each election, I can tell you the ones I DIDN'T vote for were the ones who did not answer.  Again, I live in a town that is less than 5 square miles, if you won't talk with me while you seeking my vote, what will respect will you give me if you are elected.

For Tuesday's election, there is a person I know, respect, and like running.  Despite knowing this person for many years, I've made a point to listen to what they have to say.  This candidate has a good deal to say and in a respectful, well-spoken way.  (Bonus points!) This candidate has gone out of their way to make their views known and to introduce themselves to member of the community that might not know them.  Their opponent has done none of this.  Other than lawn signs (don't vote based on lawn signs...PLEASE), this person has no working website or social media for the campaign. (RED FLAG! )  This candidate backed out of a debate (due to illness), but refused the opportunity to participate in an online forum at a later date.  (Another red flag for me.) Makes me wonder WHY this candidate is even running.  Does this candidate have a "secret" agenda or does this candidate just not care?  Neither makes me want to vote for this person.  

There is still time to do some due diligence.   Procrastination is no longer an option. Do it NOW and vote tomorrow.  So that the best and most qualified person wins.  Your vote counts, so make so.


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