Knees Up!


You may remember the saga of the knee which began on December 5 ( when this overweight (yes, I said it), older woman suddenly had knee pain (excruciating the first day) and didn't know what to do about it. I didn't go to a doctor (go on and shame me), but I did take advice of those who've experienced knee pain/issues.  I went full on: R (ested), I (CED), C (ompressed), E (levated).  I DID get better.  However, it was a VERY SLOW process.

Those of you who know me (and even those who don't, but who have read my blog regularly), know that I am NOT a patient person.  (I'm working on it.)  I never expected this "problem" to take so long to get better.  I did no regular walking; something I've done pretty religiously since the fall of 2011!  I didn't go to the office for a MONTH!  (Which was only 4 days since I currently am only asked to go in on Wednesdays)  When I did go back, I had my son drive me to the bus stop and pick me up the first time.  The second time was slightly different ( due to bussing issues so I did walk more, but I also had a knee "brace" on.  (I use that term loosely because it was one of those "copper sleeves" and how good are they really?)  Yesterday was my third time in.  My son did drive me down to the bus stop.  I was wearing the brace.  I got off at Penn Station and my biggest challenges in getting from there to the office were:  climbing a non-working escalator (stairs are better) and the "brace" sliding down my leg.  (I took it off once I got into the office.)

When I got off the bus last night, my son was still at rehearsal.  (Proud mom moment:  he's got one of the leads in the spring musical!  This is a great way to cap off his senior year.)  So I decided to start walking home.  I did text him and tell him I was heading home on foot and to pick me up whenever he headed home.  I was NOT wearing the brace/sleeve and I managed to get three quarters of the way home (uphill) before he got me. (I also managed to have a conversation with my father's caregiver for a portion of that walk.)

I'm thinking that while I'm NOT back to normal, I'm back to the "new normal."  I say this because I am AWARE of my knee as I walk.  It doesn't hurt, but sometimes my leg does ache a little.  (Nothing too major.)  When the weather allows (we are in the middle of winter here), I will do a little walking.  I will try to avoid hills (not easy around here) and will take it easy as I try to build up to something.  Not to the miles that I once did (although I am hopeful that I can get there), but something.  I don't think I'm ready for the walk aerobics yet.  I'll be using "the pedals" at home and not my "stair climber."  I'm being cautious.  I'm trying to be careful because I don't want this to happen again.  Of course I know that it's likely that something will happen again and that I need to be aware, but active.

I am READY to be active.  Nearly 2 months of non-activity has helped but 5+ pounds back.  Dry January has NOT aided in weight loss, but activity can.  (That and learning to eat more mindfully, but that has been an ongoing struggle for most of my life.) Sleeping in (that means not getting up until 5:45 instead of 4:15 or 5:05) has been great, but if I'm NOT going to get up (it's really hard when it's dark, cold and the bed is so comfy) I need to find time and ways to get moving.  (Of course once my son is out of high school and into college, my mornings will change a little. Mornings will no longer be centered on getting him out the door.  He will have to get himself out of his own dorm room bed.  That's his challenge; mine is finding the money to send him to his school of choice, which is completely freaking me out.  Something that I am VERY GOOD at.  Someone hand me the winning billion dollar lottery ticket please!)

So I guess in addition to my non-resolution of being patient (still working on that) and kind (doing pretty good at that if I do say so myself), I need to add on mindfulness.  Mindfulness in what I eat (that's going to be the biggest one and I'm not real confident there) and in how I am active.  It's time to face up to the fact that I am of a "certain age" and need to listen to my body and treat it with respect. Respect that it (and I) deserve, but so rarely give it.  

It's time for this old dog to learn some new tricks.


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