2023 Resolution


Resolutions; many of us make them every year and many of us "fail" them.  Not carrying out what we said we would do.

So this year instead of  the usual "stuff" (losing 10-20 pounds, getting more exercise, eating better, etc., all of which I want and need to do), I am throwing out two intentions to carry through 2023:  To be a kinder and more patient person.  Now I know that's kind of vague and "experts" say that resolutions are better kept if they are specific so...

I intend to be more kind to all, but that is very general.  How can I hold myself to that?  My plan is to reach out, either by phone call or email (depending on the person and the situation) to a friend or a family member every week.  I don't have a specific day or time that I will do this, but if by Sunday evening I haven't done it, I need to stop and DO.  There are so many people on my "list" who I say I want to check in on, but then I don't.  Life just gets away.  I'm not going to let that happen this year.  I'm holding myself accountable and that should keep me on track.

I intend to be more patient with family and at work.  At both places I tend to "jump the gun" on things.  To be intentionally patient means to slow down and to listen.  (Even as my brain tries to jump ahead.)  In my daily life, I need to stop myself and allow the other person (no matter who it is) to have their moment.  To allow that to say what they want to say or do what they need to do, without jumping right in.  To give the deserved respect to all that I encounter by being more patient.

Will I be as patient and kind as I want to be?  Probably not.  But I will try and I ask you to all hold me accountable.  Feel free to check in.  Prod me.  Maybe this will call for a mid-year post to talk about what I've done (and what I haven't).

Maybe 2023 will be a better year if I resolve to make it better for others with patience and kindness.  I've got 12 months to find out.

(Oh...and the getting more exercise and eating better; I'm going to try that too.  But that starts on the 3rd.  When I go back to work; it's time to really get to work.)


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