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When I was a freshman in high school (a long, LONG time ago), I was in the band and we went to Walt Disney World.  This was so long ago that when you talked about WDW, you were talking about the Magic Kingdom because that was pretty much it.  We took a bus (24+ hours), stayed at a motel is Kissimmee, marched down Main Street and spent most of the day there.  (We also did a lot of other things, but...)  Space Mountain was my first coaster.  I loved Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion.  I loved it all.

When my dad went to Florida for business the next year, we went too.  We stayed at a Howard Johnson's and spent one day in the Magic Kingdom, where I did my best to show off what I had learned the year before.  I loved it.

When I got married, we honeymooned at WDW.  Bride/groom ears were not a thing (I wish they had been) and we stayed 5 days.  We went back A LOT as a young married couple.  When my son was still a toddler we went back several times.  Our last trek was in June 2016 when we "celebrated" his graduation from elementary school.  

Now he's a senior and as a member of the choir, he, along with other choir and band members are going to WDW this spring.  (Note:  back in my day choir and band were separate programs.  Today they all fall under the music program umbrella which is a great thing.  The focus in the community is still more on the band and tends to ignore vocal music, but it's better than it was and I hope it continues to evolve.)  They are flying and spending all their time at WDW with the choir performing at Disney Springs and the band marching down Main Street.  They are staying on property and I am sure they will have a wonderful (and exhausting) time.

Although I am usually the "anxious mother," I am not at all about this.  My son has experienced Disney in one way with his family and now will get to experience another as a young adult with his friends.  I'm happy and excited for him.

The other night the parent organization had their mandatory meeting about the trip.  As I sat there and listened, I thought more and more about how I wished I was going to.  NOT as a chaperone; that's WAY out of my league and not something I'd ever want to do.  But I seriously considered volunteering to co-pilot the truck that is going to drive down there with luggage, uniforms and equipment (two days down and two days back), but someone else volunteered before I said anything.  (This is probably a good thing.)  I'm STILL thinking about it.

I did a quick search and we (hubby and I) could get a room at one of the All Star resorts (not my favorite, but we've done it once before), although perhaps it would be wiser to stay at the one that the kids are not staying at.  We COULD get on a flight (maybe the same flight?).  But none of this is cheap. IF we did this it would cost about the same as our honeymoon, which included deluxe accommodations and meals.  (Bfth that was DECADES ago!)  With college looming on the horizon, I AM freaking out over costs.  (Bfth, calm the F down!  You are NOT destitute.  This will work out.)  Plus we haven't been to WDW in 7 years; a lot has changed (and not necessarily for the better.)  Much of what I loved is no longer around (Great Movie Ride, Splash Mountain, Universe of Energy) and the new things that I would like to try (Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway, Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, and even though I have no desire to see the movie, Avatar Flight of Passage) and explore  (Toy Story Land and Star Wars:  Galaxy's Edge).  Let me be frank, the only Genie I know is the big blue fellow from Aladdin, and as a large puppet that sits in a chair in our music room.  What is this + stuff?  I'm clueless.  I'm old, I don't know if I can handle all of this "new" and the last thing I want to do is spent a chunk of change and be disappointed in a place that I used to frequent and love.

So I wanna go?  Yes and no.  Is it smart to spend (waste?) the money?  No! Would it be incredible to see my kid sing at Disney and watch "our band" march, just like I did all those years ago?  Yes!

It brings me back to the classic question from The Clash (which happened to be released around the time I first went to WDW):  "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" What should I do?  What will I do?  I'm thinking all these thoughts will lead me nowhere, but I'm open to suggestions and advice.


  1. You should go. You need some relaxation and fun and this is the only time you'll be able to see your son perform in this way. It's a life event. Just my take on it. Love, Mom


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