Monday Morning Musing

This morning I went out for my first real walk of 2022. The weather was surprisingly warm on this March Monday morning. When I got up I wasn't going to go out because my phone told me it was 38° out. However my husband said, "What the heck are you talking about?" He swore it was 60°  and sure enough after I dismissed the notification on my phone and went to the actual weather app it WAS nearly 60. So it was time to do a early walk even though it is still  really dark at 5:00 in the morning (which I hate) .

I wasn't expecting to go out, so I wasn't prepared. It took me forever to find a sweatshirt and sweatpants in my closet. It was dark in the hallway, as I tried to find something to wear. Why didn't I turn on the light you ask? It's because everybody else in the house is asleep (or trying to get back to sleep in the case of my husband.)  As a result, I was sockless in my sneakers.  Never a good move. That's how sneakers get smelly and I get blisters. (I have developed several from this morning's jaunt; guess it's time to be more prepared and have socks out with the hopes that the weather remains warm and  I can actually go for a walk.)  

But I'm not really here to talk about my feet.   Let's move up a little bit to my left knee.  It's been "clicking."  Now it's been doing that from time to time but recently it's been "clicking" a lot and the other day it was giving me some pain. Currently there is not pain, just this click, click, click... I want to  just trying to blow it off. but maybe it's time for me to get some medical advice? Let's face it, I'm getting old. Let's face it I am old! Let's face it I really don't want to admit or think about that.

When it comes to knees and clicking the first thing I think about is knee replacement.  That is a frightening thought for someone who is not atheletic, but who has been walking regularly for over 10 years.  (I've always been a walker, but I truly committed to regular walks back in 2011) 

I suppose its about that time where I should get an annual physical. I had my last one in July and I need call and try to schedule one now because it'll take at least a month (or a month and a half) to get an actual appointment to see a doctor. I really used to love my physican and the medical medical group, it's become way too corporate.  So why don't I go find another doctor? Sadly,  it's pretty much the same all over. I think that's why two doctors that I really liked and respected who originally started the practice left. It's less about care and more about corporate.  I don't blame the professionals in the practice for that, I think they are doing the best that they can while their actions are overseen and restrained by the corporations that run them and the insurance companies that pay them

Back to the knee, I should schedule something to see my physician I just see if there's a problem.  However, I am somewhat reluctant also because I've put on a few pounds. (And when I say a few pounds you know that I mean more than a few pounds.) Getting off the weight seems to be harder than it used to be. (Not that it was ever easy; not that I was ever "thin.")  To add to that, I have noticed that I can't seem to get rid of this belly/belly fat. Is this another part of growing old? Probably (or that's the excuse I am giving).  I've been trying to do exercises to tighten up my core . (Do I really have a core?) However,  I can't do many  (although I AM trying to build up). With what I have done, I don't see much result; all I see is big fat flab. Who wants big fat flab?  I know I need to get back into the right mindset, but... 

Let me get back to going to see my doctor. Today is Monday so it's too crazy to call the office unless it's really an emergency. Plus Mondays tend to be really busy for me workwise.  (Great excuse, right?) I'll wait. I'll put it off, but eventually I will make an appointment because I know I need to. How quickly I will do that really depends on how the knee feels and any other problems I may have/develop.

I also have to go because I know I need another bone density test. The last time I went I was a little under whatever you are supposed to be. I was told (by the front desk on behalf of the doctor) to take Vitamin D and walk more!  Don't know how much more they want me to walk because in general, I walk three to five miles a day. (When I can't walk; I do indoor "walking")  What if this "clicking" knee impeds my walking?  So many questions, right?  

The good thing is that I haven't had to really see a doctor except for my last physical. The only time I went to the medical practice was to get my booster shot.  Which reminds me, today in NJ we are ending the Covid public health emergency; moving from a pandemic state to an endemic one.  We haven't made it out of the woods, but  it's truly  amazing what has been accomplished in two years,  even though two years has felt like two decades. 

Which brings me to another thought.  As much as I hate the corporateness of the doctor's office I DO appreciate all the hard work that our health care workers have done.  They were thrown into a war that they probably never anticipated. 

Do you remember that two years ago we used to stand outside at 7:00 at night and bang on pots and pans (or whatever)  and make noise we could to say thank you? Why did that stop? Shouldn't we continue, even as we move into this new stage.  We definitely SHOULDN'T  be yelling and screaming at people who provide health care for wearing masks.  We SHOULDN'T be doing that to ANYONE !

Which brings me to a new question, why the hell do we yell at people who wear masks? We don't know what their the health condition is. (Honestly, it's none of our business) They're trying to say stay safe. Their reason might not have anything to do with covid; there are a lot of  health reasons why a person could be wearing a mask. So let's get off the shaming and stupidity an  move on to our own lives. 

So what is the point of this whole rambling on a Monday morning in March? There really isn't any point. But I am open to hearing suggestions on: 
  • How to stop a clicking knee or what I should be doing to keep healthy knees. 
  •  How to get myself in the right frame of mind to eat better and I lose a those 10-15 pounds that I keep fighting with.
  •  How to get rid of the round belly that I've suddenly developed. (Let's face it nobody really wants to look like Santa Claus with a bowl full of jelly belly.
Thanks (as always) for reading this Monday morning musing (which is more of crazy ramble).  Have a great day.  And if you see a healthcare worker, say thank you.  (And if you are a healthcare worker:  THANK YOU!)


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