Just Show Up

 One of my favorite shows (which I tend to watch ad naseum in reruns) in Mom.  The show has inspired me to write several blog posts (example:  https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2018/04/alone.html).  Late last night I was in sitting in a community center and a line from Season 5, Episode 8 came to mind (yes, I Googled it) "Just show up."  (I hope I quoted that right...I had problems finding the clip that I wanted).  These words rang true for the situation I found myself in and I realized how important they are.  In life we all need to "just show up."

Everything we do, everything we believe in starts with "just show up."  Just showing up, can tell the world who you are; what you feel and what you believe in.  Just showing up reveals who you are. It simply starts with being present and then it can (if you so choose) to move on from there.  But it begins with "just show up."

So if you are wondering why this all came to me in a flash last night, I'll give you a brief synopsis.  (Because the full story is way too long and complicated.)  About a dozen or so neighbors attended a township board meeting to have our voices heard about a particular matter.  This matter had brought before the board many times before in years past, each time members of the community showed up. They didn't always have the chance to speak as the process takes time (A LOT OF TIME), but they showed up every time this particular matter was to be discussed.  When it was appropriate for public discussion, some stood up and spoke.  Others did not.  But they showed up. 

Last night was the first time in over 5 years that this matter was to be brought before the board again.  There were several matters that were on the agenda beforehand; matters that took hours. Some neighbors had to leave (it was getting quite late), but the majority stayed and patiently waited.  I know that many of them had prepared statements that they wanted to read to the board.  I had carefully crafted my own thoughts and was anxious for my voice to be heard.

It was after 11 pm when the board was finally ready to address the matter that had brought us there. Before the public is allowed to speak, the person, their representative or their entity is called upon to present their request.  When that happened, there was silence.  No one was there. The requestor had  not shown up.  The person/entity who had requested the matter be brought before the board had not come. 

If you want to get something done, you've got to show up.  If you want to be counted, you've got to show up.  Your appearance or lack there of, speaks volumes.  

If it matters; you need to just show up.


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