My New Mantra

I came up with a new saying for myself today.  It's one that I think I'll be saying over and over to myself this year.  Are you ready?  My new mantra is:   Even if it ain't perfect it's something.

 That's how I feel about life right now. Nothing I'm doing is perfect.  I'm doing the best that I can.  I know that sometimes that's not enough. However, now is the time to apply this new catch phrase:  Even if it ain't perfect it's something. Even if what I'm doing is not quite as much as I would like to do, it's something.  As much as I might want to do more; it's okay if I don't.  At least I'm doing SOMETHING. At least I'm making tiny steps forward even though I may see other things go sliding backwards.

 This all started this morning when I had a few minutes to do something. Most of us don't get a heck of a lot of downtime. There's always so much going on in our lives that who knows what the heck we're doing! I've been saying for days that I really needed to clean up around the house.   Particularly I needed to dust the house because I haven't done it in I don't want to have to tell you how long. I just never can seem to find the time, or worse, when I have some free time I am not of the mind to do it...perhaps I even forget?  There is a lot of dust. There are a lot of dust bunnies in my house!  (Like real bunnies, dust bunnies seem to rapidly multiple) When I had a few minutes earlier this morning I decided to start dusting. I grabbed some paper towels and some Endust and got going. 

However life had a way of interrupting what I was trying to do. And I never really got around to doing as much as I wanted to. (I got most of the downstairs down, but I haven't made it upstairs yet.) Nor did I take as much care as I should have to dusting absolutely every little thing in the house.  (There are still cobwebs lurking in corners and dust bunnies hiding under furniture)  But you know what? Even if it ain't perfect it's something.

 That's something we all need to remember.   I think (hope) it’s clear that this isn’t just about dusting and cleaning.  It’s much bigger than that. We can't always do what we want to do. We can't always give as much as we would like.  We can't always BE what we want. But we have to revel in what we can do.  We should be grateful.  Be thankful. Be happy.  Think of all the little things that we ARE able to do. Every little dent in the dust wars is a win.  (That's a metaphor folks) In my book every little step we take forward to making our lives better in whatever way that might be is a win.

 My life is never going to be perfect.  No one's life is ever going to be perfect. All we can do is what we can. Small steps, little things, can add up. Small steps, little things, ARE important and they are worth celebrating.

 Just remember: even though it ain't perfect it's something.  Even though I'm not perfect, I'M SOMETHING.


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